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Как не обманываться в людях? Reward $2
Created by ChessKing, 425 days ago, 1337 views

Как отличить хорошего человека от плохого?
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brendaniel424 days ago

прочитай это

и это

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Aravi424 days ago

Hi @ChessKing
Kindly find the below article,


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chakramed424 days ago

first you have to be a niceguy for yourself, it seems to be your nature, and if you change, you will be confronted to your own conscience, do you really think you'll manage to be a bad guy?
You seem to be very deceived with your relations with women, one thing I know is that one often stays stuck in the same type of relations, and meet subconsciously the same type of people. Maybe you should search on this track, and see why you've always the same problems with women before wanting to change your personnality. If you change your personnality it won't be you anymore, you'll still have problems with your relations, but you will have with yourself too, and that would be sad

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Yuri424 days ago

Чтобы не разочаровываться в людях, не нужно возлагать на них большие надежды.
Все люди не идеальны, и кого не будь да подводят. И если вы сами проанализируете свою жизнь, то , вполне может оказаться, что и вы кого то, если даже и не подвели, то были причиной разочарований.

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