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Как в идеале встречать год красного петуха? Reward $4
Created by ChessKing, 716 days ago, 2312 views

Год 2017-год красного петуха.Как лучше его встретить?
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chakramed716 days ago

Go to an “open-air” event. These "street party"-type events often include performances by live musicians or DJs, confetti, and a fireworks display. Some require tickets to be purchased ahead of time, and some are free to attend.[1]

There are many New Year's Eve events all over the world that garner national attention: Times Square in New York, USA; Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia; Central London in London, England; the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.[2]
Many cities offer open-air celebrations and street parties that you can attend.[3]
If your city or town doesn't already have an open-air party, you can start one! Sites like Meetup are a great place to get started.

Celebrate at a house party. It is likely that someone you know will be throwing a house party for the New Year. Ask around and choose which party best fits your celebration desires (party size, activities, location, etc).[8]

It might be a fully hosted party or a potluck. Make sure you get all the information ahead of time so you know whether to bring food or drinks.

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baladox716 days ago

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of Rooster (Fire Rooster) starting from January 28, 2017 (called the Lunar Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival) and lasting to February 15, 2018.
2017 Yearly Horoscope Predictions
* The prediction is valid for 2017 starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018.

Overview: 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉), also the animal year (Ben Ming Nian) of you people under the zodiac sign of Rooster. In this year, you Roosters will suffer from conflicting Tai Sui while you Roosters will be more unlucky since your earthly branch 'You' will torture the earthly branch 'You' of Tai Sui, which means you will have fortune change due to conflicting Tai Sui and suffer from punishment of Tai-Sui. Therefore, you Roosters will be unlikely to have good luck in the year of 2017. Your fortune in various aspects will not have a significant improvement; instead, you will be prone to have all kinds of misfortunes. In a word, you should be prepared for the great change in life in 2017. Find out what’s in store for your sign for 2017 in money, career, love relationship and health

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Aravi716 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

I am not well aware about Chinese zodiac. But I found the below article helpful.

I hope you got what you are looking for.


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