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Lost file from hard drive Reward $2
Created by sridhar, 62 days ago, 326 views

Hi.I am working in a college as a professor . we a common system for all the staff mem's in my department. we have seperate log In and password for us to save our work.But few days back when i checked my folder certain folder in my id which contained important png files were found missing . wen i checked the log activity i found someone had opened my id. wen i used data recovery software i was not able to recover those files. i just want to know can i recover it or not. if possible how to recover it.
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ha1462 days ago

well if you use the pc after file deletion, that means the hard drive writes file on the deleted file portion then recovery chance goes down. you have to try some software depending their algorithm chances of recovery is different, you have also consider paid applications.

Use Windows System Restore to Recover Individual Files

Download ZAR demo. You do not need a paid version of ZAR to do photo recovery.


Pandora recovery

Free Any Photo Recovery

Undelete 360

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

R-Undelete Home

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brendaniel62 days ago

It is possible to recover your files, try or
However if you have direct access to the shared hard drive, then it will be easier, but if it is remotely locked from other software to access it, then it will be impossible, install the software and see if it has access to the drive c, then try locate your user account and do a scan...

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Aravi61 days ago

Hi @sridhar

In computer we have two type of users. 1 standard user 2 Admin user. A standard user have limited access. He won't be able to recover any file that is deleted from Admin account like System administrator. Admin have access to all standard user's file and have ability to manage or remove them.

Kindly contact your system admin. He will be able to help you.


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chakramed59 days ago

well try using software like recuva but some times even if files found the is in bad conditions to restore the only way is there any old backup you can recover it from thats the best way .


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AAA199249 days ago

Use Recovery my file software is Excellent

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FixitJorge40 days ago

Call your local CIA offices.

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nelsonkyee34 days ago

I am a retired College professor. In college system most college teacher are secondary user and do not have administrative right to do any correction except t delete personal files. I used to backup new files I created before I left. Also most important is to sign out from the PC system before you leave. If other professor came in and used the same PC and they did not logout for you, they are eligible to log in with your credential, they can delete your files. Nowaday the big capacity external hard drive are very cheap, buy one and used for back up is most ideal. Hope it can resolve your prolems.
Nelson Yee

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DustinDeTorres7 days ago

Your device needed a professional touch. Contact

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