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Правила питания, раздельное питание. Reward $2
Created by ChessKing, 1534 days ago, 3620 views

Кто использует какие то правила питания,например раздельное питание?
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Aravi1534 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

separate power supply:-
separate food - is the use of different composition of products at regular intervals in different meals.One option is to use a separate power of individual product groups (milk, meat, vegetables) on different days.

Terms separate power supply :-
Principles of separate food based on the concept of interoperability, and harm to the body combinations.The concept of interoperability is that different products have their own characteristics of digestion of mixed food can have an adverse effect on digestion and health.The founders of the existing principles of separate power supply can be considered H. Shelton and HSHaye.

Rules on separate food :-
Rules on separate food H. Shelton.You can not at once have acid and carbohydrate foods.For example, do not combine the bread, potatoes, beans, figs, bananas, and other carbohydrates with oranges, lemons, pineapples, grapefruits, tomatoes, cranberries and other acid products.Do not eat at one time concentrated protein with concentrated carbohydrates.For example, it is not recommended to combine the meat, eggs, nuts, cheese and other protein food with bread, sweet fruit.


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Pamela1533 days ago

This site may help you:

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igor1506 days ago

Можно много говорить о раздельном питании.Скажу только об одном частном принципе,который я соблюдаю:мясо, каши и картошку лучше есть без хлеба,а некрахмалистые овощи хорошо есть как с черным, так и с белым хлебом.

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