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How did you react when you are disappointed Reward $4
Created by selcinor, 726 days ago, 1425 views

How did you react when you are disappointed, most especially by your relatives
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verden725 days ago

Wow. That's a tough one. I'll be the first to admit that there have been times when I have reacted very poorly to disappointment by relatives. In looking back, I see that I have often caused an immense amount of pain to relatives myself, by reacting badly. That continues the cycle and the pain goes on and on! I've learned that my best move in those situations is to immediately let everyone "off the hook" by saying one simple phrase:

"You could be right."

I say it as calmly as I can, and it generally diffuses the situation. I am not agreeing with them. I'm simply stating a fact which takes the pressure off the situation. That generally catches them off guard, and they immediately shut up. After all, I'm not likely to change their opinion. (Remember the adage: "If we convince a person against their will; they are of the same opinion still!")

When I know what another's opinion is I can more skillfully avoid the issue in the future, or at least minimize the direct contact about it. When someone causes me to feel disappointment, I find it is best not to discuss it while the pain is fresh. If I think if over by considering alternatives I generally feel better. I must be careful however not to simply repeat it over and over in my mind. That is not thinking about it, that is simply making myself miserable! They have already hurt me, and I refuse to allow them to cause me to continue to hurt myself by repeating it. And having given them permission to have their opinion also lessens the likelihood that they push it again.

It's hard to be the "bigger person" but worth it. Good Luck!

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brendaniel725 days ago

It is a personal issue human beings have to deal with, it also has to do with the person or people involved, the situation, the timing, the mood, the orientation, the training and discipline of both the person involved and the type of disappointment that was made, all these will determine the type of reaction that will displayed by the person involved.

We don't react the same way for different types of disappointments from different people, e.g you cannot react the same way if your brother disappointed you and business partner disappoints you.

But going by your question, you were specific on relatives, it is quite hurtful, however I have learnt not to expect so much from anybody including relatives, so I try not to be too surprised and that helps me not react much.

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Drmgiver725 days ago

I don't. I'm used to it.

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Shivang725 days ago

Yeah Its Quite Natural For Us. But In That Situation, I Get A Little Bit Messy. I Get Angry & I Shout On Everyone. Everyone That Talks To Me Feels Irritating To Me. But I Have To Control My Temper. I Sit Out In A Dark Room & I Listen To My Favorite Music. Then I Think What Mistakes I Did, That Let Me Down. I Figure Out Them & Then I Promise Myself To Not To Repeat That Mistakes Ever Again.
& To Refresh My Mood, I Just Want To Distant Myself From Those Irritating Peoples For A While, So I Either Go On A Long Drive Alone, With Earphones In My Ear & My Favorite Song Playing Or I Go On A Hangout With My Bestfriend Who Understands Me Very Well :)
You Should Try It Sometimes Though :)

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yemioke723 days ago

I felt good and i see it as natural because i know that man must disappoint, God never disappoint, i used to see it as an avenue to learn new lesson.

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nuklin718 days ago

I wasn't disturbed because for me they didn't know better. if they knew well enough, they would not have behaved immaturely. so I talked to them afterwards and they learnt and were appreciative.

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Yuri717 days ago

In order not to be disappointed and have peace in your heart, you have to remember that there are no people who do not disappoint anyone. Including you.

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Aravi717 days ago

Hi @selcinor

According to me, it is meaning less to react in broken way or to put yourself in depression when you face a disappointment. For me it is lesson learnt from mistake. I will try to take it in positive way that I got a real good chance to know deeply about a person who is close to me. But I will keep this in my mind for entire life time and will remain prepared for the future.


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NannyGoat714 days ago

Unfortunately life is full of disappointments. The main thing to remember is that at some time or another we all have disappointed someone and that is just a fact of life. We must also remember that the ones who are closest to us can cause the deepest wounds or disappointments because we value their opinions more so than strangers. Although it hurts a bit we must allow ourselves to let it go and forgive them for the sake of our own health and well being. It will serve no purpose to allow that to fester in your heart cause it will react just like a cancer. It will eat away at your soul causing you to become bitter and angry.
Don't give anyone that type of power over you. Forgive and let go. Sometimes that's hard to do but Pray and God will give you the power you need.


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Waelzme714 days ago

my dad once told me know your friends and mark them ..... so you don't get disappointed much... that goes to relatives and friends

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Icuska713 days ago

Minden ember életében vannak rosszabb és jobb napok.Nem mindig úgy reagálunk dolgokra ,ahogyan kellene.Van úgy megbánjuk amit mondtunk és tettünk.Ez ugyanúgy müködik a másik fél részéről is legyen rokon vagy barát.Akkor általában lelkiismeret fordulással küzdünk addig amig bocsánatot nem kérünk vagy kapunk.Haragban lenni nem szabad és nem is jó.
A harag rossz tanácsadó!!!
Tehát tegyük helyre lelki világunkat és éljünk békében tanuljunk meg megbocsájtani és bocsánatot kérni.
Így lesz életünk szép és teljesértékű.

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vegasgal71712 days ago

I just collect myself and move on. Dwelling on things get no one anywhere. It's life and there will be more along the way. We can't always get what we want.

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MickelMalik709 days ago

Stay Do anything or break anything

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