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Is it me am I just stupid? 5
Created by markallen, 1375 days ago, 1246 views

Am I the only one, Why do sites put on "keep me signed in" and they never do?
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arckatakor1375 days ago

You are not alone, I tell myself the same thing.

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brendaniel1375 days ago

No you are not, what happens here has to do with your browser,

1. if you want a site to always keep you logged in, you will need to pay attention to your browser's request, the very first time you visit any site with a login request, your browser(most browsers) like chrome or Firefox will ask for you to save your password upon login, if you click yes save password for always, your password is saved, so whenever you visit the site, upon typing your username you will see the password appear automatically and you press enter it will then log you in, now this is the first part.

2. The second part is, if the website's login page has an option to always keep you logged in, if you tick the always keep me logged in option, the website will automatically save your username and also detects your password saved in your browser only if you have done no. 1 above, so anytime you visit the site, it automatically logs you in with both username and password without any stop for you to fill in any details.

3. For you to always be logged in you must do 1 and 2 above .

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verden1372 days ago

Whoa there... Please don't assume that you are stupid when a computer doesn't do what you expect it to do. That does NOT mean you are stupid! (Please be kind to yourself.) Sure, there may be an issue that you are not familiar with, or things may have been changed since you were informed how they worked, but that is not a reflection on you! It simply shows a need to find out why things are working as anticipated. There could be many simple reasons for that, or some that are not so simple.

BTW, You have been given some great specific advice here by brendaniel.

Going a step further, I would be interested in knowing what type of site you are wanting to stay signed into. Some issues sound good, but could be a disadvantage to you. For example, frequently when I purchase something using PayPal, the merchant I'm buying from tirggers a screen which offers to keep me signed in to PayPal "to save time on future purchases." That does work, and sounds enticing, but in reality it also makes it extremely easy for that merchant to sell me additional products as repeating shipments, or subscriptions, which can be easily approved without my actually realizing what's happening until I get the bill. Just be aware that it is not always to your advantage to stay signed into a site.

Another cause of being signed out without meaning to is using cleaning software that removes temporary files, or by just simply rebooting your computer (such as after an update.) In those instances you will be signed out of any site that you have not given your browser specific instructions to keep it available. Some examples of that might be online banking. Specifically credit unions will often request that you register your personal device with them if you want to speed up the signing in process.

But... if you then run a spyware program or reboot your system, that information will be gone, UNLESS you talk to the technical folks at the specific site you are using, and find out exactly what phrase you need to put in your browser as an exception to the cleaning process when your temporary files are being deleted. (Your browser will give you a place to list exceptions to the cleaning process.) You will need to talk to their IT department, as the regular representatives will not know the specific phrases that you need to use.

Most of all, do not despair. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, answers do exist. Simply keep asking until you find what you need.

Happy Computing!

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FixitJorge1346 days ago

Maybe you are clearing your cookies. Leave those cookies alone lol

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Ujjwal6191346 days ago

At first you need to know about is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.So when you are actually tapping the option "Keep me signed in" you are accepting to store the cookies of the particular website ,"Facebook" for example, for future use.So when you close your browser or applications and later go through same websites ,the browser uses your cookies and keeps you logged in.But if you have habit of clearing data or cookies , you won't be logged in since browser doesn't have the information as cookies no more.

See ,you might have been clearing cookies from browser like this way or you might have been using programs such as CCleaner ,Wise Cleaner ,Iobit Advanced System Care or similar programs which does the same function.So only way to have you kept logged in is to exclude or unselect cookies in the option when you are clearing browser data or using such programs.

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