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Intel vs AMD GPU Reward $2
Created by layls1071, 728 days ago, 1382 views

I m confused Which do you prefer performance ?
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baladox727 days ago


i look at processors in this way,if you are looking at building a game p.c,or you want full throttle graphics then a a.m.d processor is your best bet
however if you are into c.a.d and office apps then go for a intel processor
i know all the hype at the moment is dual core this and dual core that but if you want to build a budget p.c you can get a 3ghz intel celeron processor for less than £40( processor has a 3.2ghz cpu for less than £35
as for amd the clock speeds wont be as high as intel chips but as amd use a different nomenclature,a amd processor at 2.2ghz will work as fast as a 3.2ghz celeron
so i would go personally for the celeron or pentium 4 processors,as the core duo chips are just too expensive at the moment
when building your p.c,save money on the processor and then plough as much ram on your p.c as you can afford(at least over a gig)or 2gb if possible,and a good graphics card dosent have to break the bank,for example a geforce 6800xtreme ( be bought for less than £65 and this card will play any modern game at respectable frame rates
alltogether these components will make a excellent all round p.c capable of anything you throw at it
good luck with your build

hope this help's

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Pravy728 days ago

AMD for Graphics processing Unit. If your looking for CPU performance then go with Intel.

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brendaniel728 days ago

For $500 it's unlikely you'll be able to get an intel chip in there (that's the budget for the full PC, not just the CPU right?).

Anyway here's my draft for the difference between the AMD and intel chips, some of it may not apply to you as it is a draft.

The difference between AMD and intel for gaming.
Firstly, you need to decide what your priorities are, and what you will use the PC for.
Things such as: light gaming, heavy gaming, basic work (e.g. MS Office), heavy work (e.g. video editing, 3d modeling).
For the most part in current games the biggest difference will be made by the selection of the GPU. Get a great GPU + worse CPU rather than worse GPU + great CPU.

The AMD FX CPU's have many cores, which are weaker.
intel i5's have less cores, which are stronger.

The intel's consequently have better performance per core. In older games, the intels perform much better as those games are optimised for good performance with only a few cores (single-threading).
In newer games, the AMD FX's really shine due to the introduction of games using more cores (multi-threading).

The difference comes in depending on what you want to use the PC for. If you're on a tight budget, save some money and go with the AMD and spend the extra money on a better GPU that will give you better performance than any CPU could.

i5: Good for older games (single-threaded), Good for newer games (multi-threaded), Good for general work, great all-round CPU and probably the best around for current games (may change in future, see here: ).
AMD: Slightly worse for older games (single-threaded), Great for newer games (multi-threaded e.g. BF4, Crysis 3), Good for light/heavy work, extra cores are great for 3d modeling and video editing or rendering, great CPU whilst costing much less than the intel. Even though it's worse in older games it will run them perfectly well and smoothly.

Regardless, both will perform well.
For an i5, I would recommend an i5 3570k or a 4670k. Why? They are king for gaming performance at the moment and since they are the k version they are unlocked and can be overclocked in future for a performance boost.
For an AMD, I would recommend a FX 6300/8320/8350 [Do NOT go with a bulldozer CPU, only piledriver. List here: <-- That should all be one link, not sure why it splits.]. Why? Great multi-threaded performance for newer games and heavy work, are just fine in older games (not overkill, can deliver smooth frame rates maxed with a good GPU), and are great for productivity with a tame pricetag.

Some non-synthetic benchmarks for AMD FX 83xx vs i5/i7:
Gaming and Streaming:
Having shown that, the intel wins 9 times out of 10 in most purely gaming benchmarks as AMD cannot match its per-core performance. Also these particular benchmarks have been scrutinised many a time. If you wish to find out more you can google benchmarks for each processor.

In conclusion, budget gaming/work: AMD. Not on a budget gaming/work: i5. The i5 currently delivers better performance but don't get the impression that the AMD is lagging behind. They are great for gaming and work with a really great pricetag, just not currently up there with intel. In newer games though such as BF4 the AMD's have caught up in performance and in some cases deliver better performance than the intel's for much less money. You will get great, smooth FPS with either.
Either solution will game just fine with a nice GPU, focus mainly on that.

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ha14727 days ago

Intel is generally superior. very very few games can efficiently even use more than 2-4 cores. AMD chips aren’t as quick as Intel’s, can drag high-end gaming down.Intel Core i3 or i5 can be as high as 30 or 40 frames per second if you have a very high-end graphics card. , you can expect roughly the same experience with a modern AMD processor as you can from an Intel. Sure, there will be titles that just play better on the Intel chips without a doubt? AMD A10-6800K, is only £112, which puts it up against Intel Core i3 level chips

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Aravi727 days ago

Hi @layls1071

It depends on your requirement and motherboard capacity.

Intel :

Good power saver.

Intermediate processing power.

Comparatively, generate less heat.

Comparatively, cheaper processor.

It is good if you have moderate usage and want average usage for gaming and and normal office works. Want to save some money and electricity bill.


Good power consumer.

Heavy processing power.

You can't user it with proper recommenced cooler fan or liquid cooler.

It cost high then corresponding Intel processor.

It is good if your are working as a graphical designer or animator or heavy gamer. As well as you don't care about electricity bills and ready to speed for processor and annual maintenance.


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layls1071727 days ago

can you offer me some good prices for AMD and intel

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chakramed726 days ago


AMD vs. Intel Price Comparison Table – July/2015


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lonelyheart726 days ago

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baladox726 days ago


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sandeepreddy662 days ago

In my Experience, I used most of the time AMD processor.But It works fine I played the games very good performance.Intel also but based on our configuration.Processor performance will work.Intel processor will more cost than AMD processor.

Here are latest laptops with an intel processor(High Configuration ):

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Rishabh9100638 days ago

You really gave the Best information on the difference of phone composition.

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harshavardanrana374 days ago

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