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Created by markallen, 1380 days ago, 2537 views

Who do you think have the closer bond, siblings with the same biological father, but different mothers, pr siblings with the same biological mother but different fathers?
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brendaniel1380 days ago

Genes from your father are more dominant than those inherited from your mother, new research has shown.

All mammals are likely to use the majority of genetic material passed down from males, even if offspring look and act more like the mother, according to the study on lab mice by University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine.

This means that even though we inherit an equal amount of DNA from each parent, the paternal line is mostly found to govern how a person develops into an adult – especially in regards to their health.

The findings could give scientists more insight into how diseases and conditions are caused by the expression of thousands of genes, of which several hundred imprinted genes – rather than out of the 95 initially thought – could be in favour of the father.

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Going by the research done by scientist in reference to the articles above, it will be confirmed that siblings with the same biological father but different mothers will be more genetically connected(bonded) than siblings with the same biological mother but different fathers.

However physical and emotional bonding is a personal thing, even 2 friends could bond physically and emotionally than 2 brothers who are from the same parents. I.e 2 brothers could be from the same parents and never get along with each other while 2 friends from different parents could get along in everything which is the physical and emotional bonding which is different from the blood or genetic bonding.

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Aravi1380 days ago

Hi @markallen

I think you want to ask about physiological half dna sister or brother relation. The closer bonds between siblings likely to be more influenced by the mother's relation-ship with other siblings.

Like in horses and monkeys, the siblings with the same biological mother but different fathers, the bonds between half sisters and brothers less likely to be affected by influence of dna of parent until the finds difference between them. Here father less interested with relationship with her child. Here the chance of knowing the father is nil without human interference.

Like in lion, siblings with the same biological father, but different mothers, likely to be more affected because of mothers relationship other lion. The bonds between half sisters and brothers likely to be week or strong because of mother. If the mother relationship is week. Lion kingdom expected to break and war more likely to erupt.


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koroleva1380 days ago

I don't think genetic have anything to do with bounds. In fact, in genetics, every person get 50% from his mother's genes and 50% of he's father's, that means that genetically speaking half siblings share the same bound. But once again, when we are talking about bonds we can't stick to the genetics because bounds are more social and psychological. You don't need to share some blood with a person to get along. Depending on the personality you can get along with a friend more than with a brother. I think relationships depends also on the time people spend together. In instance, if you live with your mother and your mother's kids, you will probably feel closer to them than to your siblings who are living away with your father, and vise-versa. Otherwise, if you are all living together like a big happy family you will share the same strong bound, and even your siblings who doesn't share blood at all may have the brotherhood bound and love each others like real siblings. The point is, bounds are made by blood, they are made by love.

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nihal291379 days ago

hi @markallen
bond are with soul not genetically . siblings from different mother or father may or may not have good bond . it depends on the nature and thinking of both . some cases they hate each other or in some cases they love. family situation have effect on there relation .

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ChessKing1378 days ago

Брат по матери практически равноценный по родственности брату по отцу.Просто может быть сильнее одно или другое в зависимости какие условия развития преобладали в семье в детстве.

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verden1376 days ago

In my decades on this planet, the difference in blood lines has not appeared to me to be nearly as important in bonding as the time spent with a mother or father. Shared experience forms a greater bond than shared DNA. By far, at least in my experience, and I have spent decades counseling people from all walks of life and in all types of experiences. Even the phrase "blood is thicker than water" appears stronger predominantly from shared experience with parents, siblings, and others than shared "blood" does.

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pustoi111376 days ago

a close relationship creates the relationship of the soul. a father or mother sends you only the genetics of the flesh. if you are more comfortable with one another, it is the true relationship. not a relative, maybe a lot closer and dearer, than very close relatives. if you have a stupid cousin, it does not mean that it is closer to you than a clever man.

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nuklin1368 days ago

There's a strong relationship between affinity and availability. If the biological father is closer and always available to the siblings then such siblings will bond better but if the biological mother is closer and readily available, her siblings will bond better too. Now, were the two are always available those with same biological father will bond better because, where I come from, the child belongs to the man and will bear the man's name so its easier to see like your own, someone who bears your name than someone who doesn't bear your name. This makes bonding easier and respectful for siblings of same biological father.

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