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Internet dating to do or not to do? That is the question. Reward $210
Created by wunduful42, 401 days ago, 744 views

Is internet dating really worth the trouble, or should I stick to the old fashion way of meeting potential partners?
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voineaadi401 days ago

In my opinion and also in my experience, nothing beats old fashioned, spontaneous, face to face raw chemistry. People can always and do often wear masks on the Internet ( hey, and they also wear masks face to face also, right? ), but the face to face seduction, attraction, chemistry and raw fucking is unbeatable! Nothing can equal it! When it comes to sex, we are animals. Nothing can equal face to face chemistry. So why reinvent the wheeel? It has made men and women all over the world happy for millions of years. In my opinion and in my experience: have fun. Face to face. Hi, my name is XYZ. I like you. I would like to get to know you better.

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brendaniel401 days ago


For you to date online, you will need to abide by some safety rules to be on the safer side, here are some key rules to follow....

Provide only a cell phone number: The person who found you on the Web is a stranger. So don’t give your home phone number, which someone could track to your address.

Date within a 25-mile radius: When you’re investing in the specific intent to find somebody, be reasonable and sensible and play the odds. Find somebody who is in your zip code so that you can actually get to know each other without the constraints that a long-distance relationship places on things.

Meet publicly and make sure someone knows where you are: Remember that the person you meet online is a stranger.

Don’t stay online too long before a meeting: Studies show that looking at a computer screen gives a false sense of intimacy with a resulting loss of inhibitions. When you’re dealing with strangers, as you are in online dating, inhibitions serve a valuable and healthy function.

Never online date on an office computer: Keep your personal life and your office life separate. Remember you company will have access to anything you do on their equipment.

Don’t get seduced in online “shopping”: Beware of juggling too many people at the same time. While it’s perfectly okay to go slowly and initially see more than one candidate, especially if your dates are continuing also online, the giddiness of “so many profiles, so little time” can be self-defeating.

Don’t rely on humor or sexual innuendo: Senses of humor can differ depending on gender, age, culture, mood, or ethnicity or the context in which the humor is used. Given the fact that you’re not going to be privy to any of this up front, err on the side of safety by being as straightforward as possible.

Never release your financial details to anyone you are dating online till you have met the person several times and developed trust...

Avoid time wasters who talk about only money or you helping them make transfers, they could be potential scammers....

Online dating is getting more risky, so if you cannot keep to the rules above, kindly stick to the old fashioned way of dating to avoid problems in future..

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ntorr12401 days ago

it is not worth the trouble, plus it is someone who could catfish you or harm you, I find that internet dating is very toxic from experience. let it come naturally, just hang in there and go with the flow.

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Alirio401 days ago

Check your friends, maybe your other half is in front of you, and you don't know

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Pinkyblue400 days ago

it all up to us, if u feel it true and nice move with that relationship,u can sense whether or not they are cheating.. in my opinion internet dating or old fashioned way approach does work and sometimes fails.. feel gud abt urself and if the relationship hurt just throw it away before it hurt u. Thank u.

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Aravi400 days ago

Hi @wunduful42

You can search a partner on website; but ensure you know her/he well before you date outside. Because, you can't know thing that you want to know about her online. And many cheating had already occurred via online dating. Online dating sites are more dangerous for male like us then for females.


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nihal29400 days ago

hi @wunduful42
old method is much better then online sites. people are not trustworthy these days they just make account for fun . you can meet a person old was and have his social media account stuff to be sure he/she not cheating/flirting you . face to face conversations is the way it has to be done. all the best .

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19mitch65400 days ago

With your looks I would just forget doing either, Let your blood line end with you too many ugly people like us already. LOL

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khaledmus399 days ago

to not and thats my opinion and advice,and sorry you said to stay old fashion but its nt an old fashion but its aclear clean new fashion.


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ChessKing398 days ago

Одно другому не мешает.Главное не торопиться и быть готовым к тому что человек на сайте или в телефоном разговоре может быть намного другим в реальной жизни.

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jully396 days ago

olha vale apena se vc manter uma certa segurança obter o maximo de dados da pesssoa ,ver os amigos seus relacionamentos virtuais ,sua profissão chegar as informações são veridicas ,pq eu conheço varias pessoas hoje casada que começaram um namoro virtual,e outra coisa nem mesmo um namoro nos velhos padrões serve como garantia de nada vale vc tentar !

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serezha386 days ago

Hi! I "met'' my wife in the internet (facebook) And we got married in three months. So we've been happy for 4 years and had a beautiful one year old daughter. I think there is no "recipe" for everybody! It is only your own decision!
Good luck!

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ghosthiTs88378 days ago

NOT. now to put it into words........ this goes deep as humans we like (Visual) confrontations there is a chemistry to that visual and auditory sensing so to speak (euphoria) now and plus you can get more from a 1st time impression in person than on the internet where there is no type of intruding of your space (aka your energy field aura) where that intuition lets you know yea or no if this person is comfortable to be around because most relationships get "no where" <--- that no where i really mean "Enlightenment" true happiness TRUE TRUE REALLLLL HAPPINESS. some people drain your energy on a talk about nothing that you could benefit from type of conversation. and the internet is a big Stage majority of people are acting for their benefit without you in their picture. CIRCUMSTANCES is where its at LIFE

i hope that you can understand what i mean.
and its real shit.
best of wishes and becareful its a fuhkd up world.

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