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What will be the Perfect version for this PC ? Reward $4
Created by Masum, 465 days ago, 1019 views

I like to use firefox as my Pc browser.But New version of firefox always hang & stop working in my PC(Here is my PC Details).
Can you Please tell me Which version of firefox is Going to work well? i want to run fiirefox smoothly without hang or stopped working...
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Pamela465 days ago

Hi! Go here
This article may help you.

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ha14465 days ago

Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings
if it does not fix your problem then downgrade to older version....

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brendaniel465 days ago

Download this older version, this is what I use and my systems configuration is almost like yours, so this should work perfectly for you.

Exit Firefox and then uninstall it.
Make sure to delete the Folder named "Mozilla Firefox" from the location ( C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows).

After installing the downloaded version up there
turn off the automatic Firefox Software Update feature (if enabled).

If Firefox disables any of your add-ons you probably need to replace it with a version that supports a older version of Firefox.

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nihal29465 days ago

Hi @Masum
I prefer chrome , Firefox always broke for me . You can use edge as well . Regards

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voineaadi465 days ago

I know that you are looking for a good version of Firefox, but in my experience, Opera is a great browser! Fast, lightweight and highly customizable. Great score on compatibility also, and awesome usability. Why not give it a try? Just download the latest version from and have fun browsing the Internet!

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Aravi465 days ago

Hi @Masum

Set updated for Firefox to disable. And try to manually update stable version of the program. I too had same problem after each time it gets auto update.


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chakramed464 days ago

hi i had this one before ,Firefox use much more resources on your PC that is normal but there is some tricks where u can reduce the usage :

1 - Checking Firefox hardware acceleration

Firefox hardware acceleration eases CPU usage.
Check hardware acceleration is turned on and your graphic drivers are up-to-date.

2- in Data Choise uncheck the 2 option

3- try to disable automatic updates

i hope this solve your problem.


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khaledmus463 days ago

i think its not the matter of Firefox it self but how much new windows u open n it at the same time,try to clear cash and history and see the result finally u can reset the browser.


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koroleva462 days ago


The problem is not which version of Firefox you are using. Updates on Firefox are meant to fix previous issues so keep the last version.
Rather than the hardware, I'm more curious about the software you are using. Is it windows ? Which version ? 32 or 64 ? What about your firefox, does it match with your windows type ?

So first make sure you have the right version according to your windows : Firefox 32bits for windows 32bits or FF 64bits for Windows 64. If you have the right on, write in the address barre :
and then click on fix firefox in the up right.

Second, always use anti-pub add-on, I suggest ublock origin :
To make your browser run fast use Fasterfox :
Then go to the addons and then to fasterfox options and select Optimized. Then in Preloading, uncheck activate the chronometer for loading.
Lastly make sure your plugins are all updated.

I'm using Firefox for about 8 years and I think it's the best browser. Chrome come as the second best, in case you are not that happy with FF, but I don't think it's the case. By the way my FF is not in English so I translated the lines to the best I could, if you can't find any option just make me know and I'll add a picture for you.

Good luck and enjoy your FF browser :)

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zekman461 days ago


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inix460 days ago

Hi! Try Pale Moon browser
This browser fork MozzillaFirefox, aims to strike a balance between features and speed. As such, a choice has been made to consciously disable a few features found in other browsers that are not commonly used by the largest group of users. Support for many Firefox Extensions (add-ons) as a compatibility feature, or try the portable version which can be run even from a flash drive

Also Mozilla Firefox ESR 45.5.1
The ESR releases are supported for approximately one year, and facing point updates contain important security fixes, which coincide with the usual Firefox releases. Service each Assembly ESR using point releases, is limited to the correction of security vulnerabilities with a high degree of risk. In some cases there may be unscheduled releases which fix a dangerous security holes. Point updates do not contain functional enhancements and stability fixes.

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lafru460 days ago


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lafru460 days ago

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selcinor459 days ago

I think I have the same problem with upgrade firefox new version and the my AMD anthylon 2500 complained about processor for the firefox new version 50 and this make me to abandon the CPU

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khaledmus456 days ago

look sir ,i do also using Firefox browser and i only notice this when i open more new tabs,so try to not open much tabs because it some times hang the browser,second thing before you finish your surfing net i advice you to close all tabs one by one so next time when you open the browser you get it easier and faster with only one Tabb,finally you can go to the main page and choose refresh Firefox and your problem will be solved Allah 's willing .


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nonado455 days ago

try reinstall firfox or do a format for your pc if that didnt work try chrom or opera or the Waterfox or pool moon download link :



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leehenry452 days ago


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