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Is Malwarebytes safe? Reward $2
Created by sunrise, 678 days ago, 1366 views

Why did it remove Wise Registry Cleaner from my computer?
Can you recommend some other antivirus?
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pustoi11678 days ago

this antivirus finds suspicious files, but the removal decision you take. Wise Registry Cleaner, It should be placed in the antivirus exclusions, in which case he will not pay attention to him. It is the best antivirus software, so I do not advise to install yet another.

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brendaniel678 days ago

I use avast antivirus with wise cleaner and I have never had any issue with both of them, you can get avast antivirus here...

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ha14678 days ago

yes i did a scan it does detect
but it did not delete my wisecare365 from desktop

try superantispyware and see whta will happen with you.

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chakramed678 days ago

hello @sunrise ,
malware-byte is good but not good enough i suggest you use the following software :
1- avira
2 - avast
3- eset not 32
4- panda free
5- bitdefender free.

if you want more avaible and best ranking antivirus in term of protection go visit this link :

regards ,

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Aravi677 days ago

Hi @sunrise

Both Malwarebytes and Wise Registry Cleaner are safe and good tools. Malwarebytes is based on user reviews and negative feed backs. It declares Wise Registry Cleaner as PUP (Potential unwanted software). It is a false alert. You can placed in the antivirus exclusions and keep using the both.


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Aravi677 days ago

Kindly refer the below snapshot. Wise is already discussing this false positive issue.

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nihal29677 days ago

Yes malwarebytes are safe .and so does the wise care registery cleaner . As wisecare deals with registry editing ,for security measures it detects it as unwanted software .you can exclude the wise cleaner from being scaned.

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chuchumeca677 days ago

I use avira antivirus with wise regystre cleaner and I have never had any issue

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hiflyer677 days ago

I've used it as an extra check with a number of different security suites and it never fails to come up with some malware that was missed, without ever causing a problem. This is also true for a number of Windows versions.

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Pravy674 days ago

Malwarebytes is a absolutely safe software. If it has detected wise as PUP virus then it's mostly just a warning for Wise to be a POTENTIALLY UNWANTED SOFTWARE. Wise software team could just intimate Malwarebytes team for this issue.

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wunduful42674 days ago


I am currently using kapersky internet security which offers a 30 day free trial and I have just downloaded wisecleaner on today. Avg free is another good antivirus cleaner and you can get it for a monthly charge along with pc tune up which is another good product.

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