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Windows vista automatic updates Reward $5
Created by Jes, 1387 days ago, 1439 views

I can not get my computer to update, does any body know of an update.
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Drmgiver1387 days ago

There is no more updates for it. It is an unsupported operating system.

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yanka4571387 days ago

Windows Vista is Obsolete no more updates for it ok you need to understand it but what you can do is Upgrade to Windows 7 which is still a preferred favorite amongst alot of people even myself the latest version is Windows 10 but windows 7 is more stable I hope you understand now.Hope this helps :)

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ha141387 days ago

Fix Windows Update errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness tool

apply this
Security Update for Windows Vista (KB3145739)

Windows lifecycle fact sheet

Latest update or service pack: Service Pack 2
End of mainstream support : April 10, 2012
End of extended support : April 11, 2017

Install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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brendaniel1387 days ago


It is security update issue, download the security patch from Microsoft website

It can be downloaded here:



(turn off automatic Windows Update service, install the patch, turn on windows update and restart your system, then allow your windows to update)

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Aravi1386 days ago

Hi @Jes

If you are using Windows Vista Service Pack 2, then its Extended Support End Date is Apr/11/2017. Otherwise all the other version's support is ended well before 2012.

This means Microsoft will stop all the windows updated for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 by Apr/11/2017. If you have previous version. Windows already stopped the windows updated services.

You may try to update the services via -


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zrodfects1386 days ago


Just like @Aravi said, which I was about to write similar to this..

Check to make sure what service pack you have with your Windows disk or from re-install via your PC if you have an install/partitioned drive to re-install, I have a few different PC's with random Windows versions from XP to Windows 10, I have two PC's with Vista, one has Service Pack 1, the other with Service Pack 2, the Service Pack 1 won't allow me to update much like yourself including even installing Service Pack 2 as you can not. With my Service Pack 2 Vista, so far haven't had issues with updates, though this will be a problem in 12 months time or so, but I have no need to update anything beyond SP2 anyways, besides they are just my muck around PC's, I only use current Windows now.

Hope this helps.

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nihal291384 days ago

Hi @Jes
If you want to update your operating system which is Windows vista . You can upgrade ti Windows7 =


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chakramed1382 days ago

Hi @Jes ,

To fix the windows update issue, Microsoft has come up with resetting the Windows Update. To help yourself,

Make sure that you click on, "FIX IT"


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chuchumeca1382 days ago

Windows Vista is Obsolete no more updates
you can do is Upgrade to Windows 7
to can get updates

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