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Created by woodland1954, 1623 days ago, 1799 views

I'm seeing a lot of people here, but how do I directly get to a person for a comment or remark back ? These sites confuse me as an older person, not a kid anymore ! Many of you have written to me, and I greatly appreciate your answers, but don't know how to reply back to each of you.
P.S. - The advice on getting my Windows check didn't work - I'm on Windows 10, the advice I was getting seemed to be for Windows 7 & 8. Does 10's windows check run differently. Never had to go to websites to get the 2 line black screen to get the check to run, or enter into the run box.
You see kids, the scary thing for me is I've worked 32 years in my PC on family history, and would die if in 1 wrong move lose all that work. I honestly have close to over 300 trees, the smallest holds 394 people, and the largest is close to over 5,597 - yes, not kidding. consisting of - English, Norwegian, Irish, German, Prussian, - farthest back seems to be the stone age, I went on the net, and hooked up to 1 line that dates to 1325. Don't ask me how or who got it that far back. Heck, today there's college kids that can't spell their names !
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brendaniel1623 days ago

To get information directly to those you want to, you need add the @ tag before the name just like i did yours up there, he/she will get an email with your message in it like mine getting to you now.... You can then request for their email or any other contact you wish to get to them privately if you wish to do so....
Hope this helps....

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markallen1623 days ago

just reply, silly

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hiflyer1616 days ago

Just look at an answer they've left and you can leave a reply for that person.

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voineaadi1616 days ago

You can only reply to a person inside the specific thread, there is no way of replying directly to the user. This is not a messaging platform. Associate it more to a forum without an inbox, maybe. All messages are public. That is all.

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verden1615 days ago

I believe your communication issue has been addressed. I'm impressed with the extent of the family history work you have completed and gathered.
It sounds like you have done a great deal of valuable research, yet you are concerned about losing it with a simple mistake. If that is a correct understanding of your post, simply make sure that you have a full backup of the information on your system, preferably in a separate place, such as an external hard drive. If you do that, then if something happens to your computer (ie: hard drive fails) or its contents (ie: data gets deleted accidentally,) the data you have collected will be safely stored and could be easily restored to your own or another's computer should the time come that you need to do so. It is inexpensive to do that, and it lets you sleep at night, knowing that your work will not be wasted in case of an error, either human or mechanical. (Keep in mind that all mechanical devices are subject to failure (wearing out or breaking down) at some point during their useful life.

Also, congratulations on your magnificent accomplishment tracking your roots. You deserve a medal of honor!

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SlowPoke1615 days ago

I'm old also could never do what you have done with family history congradulation's,if you go to you can find some cloud sites that are free.You will have to check to see if they are large enough to hold all your info.Woodland seems to have the best solution good luck

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Aravi1614 days ago

Hi @woodland1954

To reply back any one use the call key.

@account_name is the call key. My account name is Aravi, hence call key is @Aravi

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Aravi1614 days ago

If you want to say command prompt (black screen). Hold windows key+ r key. It will open run command. Type cmd and hit enter to open command prompt.

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