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WHY THE FARK???? Reward $3
Created by markallen, 1509 days ago, 1790 views

Why wont Groove music let me have my downloaded music? Is it because my free 30s has expired or what?
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brendaniel1509 days ago

That's the restriction on groove music, read this article to know more, it is a comparison between apple music and groove music

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Aravi1508 days ago

Hi @markallen

Their could be 2 possible reasons: -

30 days trial subscription would have end.

You may be trying to play paid music songs which is need to buy.


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bumchee1506 days ago

omg! u pay to hav ur d/l music this is so old lol! keep up wit the old ru 50!

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ha141506 days ago

Groove Support

Free for 30 days. $9.99 / month after the trial period

Troubleshoot Groove player in Windows 10

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