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Created by woodland1954, 690 days ago, 1497 views

Years ago my cousin told me to hold down some buttons to get into the black screen that do9es a windows test - it has 2 lines and shows a test running to clean up the PC. But I can't remember which buttons to hold down, may I have help please ?
Thank you ( in Wisconsin, family researcher )
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ha14690 days ago

there is no test for cleaning windows on boot time..
there is CHECKDISK on boot

in order to go to boot menu it can be one of the F keys (or ESC key) , when you boot your windows you should see some options like recovery, boot menu...and near of each one the key to press,

3 Ways to Test your RAM with Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic

Tip: Run Diagnostics to Check Your System for Memory Problems

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brendaniel690 days ago

1. Click on the start menu and search for command prompt (cmd)

2. Right click on it and open it as administrator

3. When the black screen opens type chkdsk and press the enter button.

4. It would do the test for you.

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willie690 days ago

1. Click on the start menu and then "run" .... then write cmd
2. In the new window write exactly: cipher.exe/w: c: -------and then press Enter

This cleans your complete C:/ Drive without doing any harm !!!
Then restart your PC !!!

Note: It will take a rather long time to clean .... but you will be very happy after !!!!!

Greetings: Willie

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nihal29690 days ago

hi @woodland1954
press windows button + R ,run will open then type chkdsk and press the enter.
this video might help you =


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woodland1954688 days ago

Tried everyone's ideas, but none help, I'm on Windows 10, all I'm finding from your ideas deal with 7 & 8. And I never had to go to websites. This was straight from my desktop, never used " run " either. It was just a few buttons I hit I think there were 3 I hit at once, but no start buttons, etc.

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markallen688 days ago

I don't know if this is what you're looking for mate but if you want to test and thoroughly clean all your pc you might try C/Cleaner/advanced systemcare10BIT or Wise cleaner 360. All of these are completely free with no catches Trust me they're worthwhile considering. Also if you are with BT they are giving away "extras" which include Truekey password manager and a free version of Mcafee security. I hope this helps you in one way or another.

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nuklin687 days ago

Create a Shortcut for Command Prompt on the Desktop
Right-click an empty spot on the Desktop. From the context menu, select “New > Shortcut”.

In the box labeled “Type the location of the item,” enter “cmd.exe”.

Press “Next”, give the shortcut a name and choose “Finish”.

If you want to open the command prompt in Administrator mode, right-click on the new shortcut icon and choose “Properties” from the context menu. Click the “Advanced” button and check “Run as administrator”.

Now you have created a shortcut that will open the command prompt with administrative privileges when double-clicked.


Open Command Prompt from Win+X Power Menu
Press “Win + X”, and click/tap on Command Prompt, or Command Prompt (Admin) to open it in Administrator mode.

Open Command Prompt from Task Manager
Open Task Manager with more details. Choose File and then Run New Task. Type cmd or cmd.exe, and hit OK to open up a regular command prompt. You can also check the box to open as administrator.

Open a Command Prompt in Admin Mode from Task Manager the Secret Easy Way
To open a command prompt in Administrator mode from the Task Manager, you can hold the CTRL key while clicking File -> Run New Task and it’ll immediately open an administrator mode command prompt.

Open Command Prompt from Search
You can easily open the command prompt by typing “cmd” into the search box (Win + S). Alternatively, click/tap on the microphone icon in Cortana’s search field and say “Launch Command Prompt”.
To open as Administrator, type cmd into the search box, and either right-click and choose Run as Administrator, or highlight the result with the arrow keys and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to open an administrator mode command prompt.

Open Command Prompt from All Apps in Start Menu
Open the Start menu, and click/tap on All apps at the bottom.
In All apps, scroll down and expand the Windows System folder, then click/tap on Command Prompt.

Open Command Prompt from File Explorer
Open File Explorer, and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 folder, and click/tap on cmd.exe. You can actually do this from any file browser window by right-clicking on cmd.exe and choosing Open.

Open Command Prompt from Run
Press the “Win + R” key to open RUN dialog box. Type cmd, and click/tap on OK.

Open Command Prompt from Explorer Address Bar
Open File Explorer, and click/tap on its address bar (or press “Alt + D” on your keyboard). Now simply type cmd in the address bar and it’ll open the command prompt with the path to your current folder already set.

Open Command Prompt Here from File Menu
Open File Explorer, select or open a folder or drive where you want to open the command prompt from. Click/tap on the “File” tab on the Ribbon, and select “Open command prompt”. It has two options:
• Open command prompt — Opens a Command Prompt within the currently selected folder with standard permissions.
• Open command prompt as administrator — Opens a Command Prompt within the currently selected folder with administrator permissions.

Open Command Window Here in File Explorer
To open a Command Prompt window in any folder or drive, hold down the shift key and right-click on the folder or drive. Right-click on a folder or empty space in the right-hand pane of Explorer while holding down the SHIFT key, and from the context menu, select “Open command window here”. The prompt takes the path of the folder from where it is opened.



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hiflyer681 days ago

a) I don't think that's an option anymore. If it is it wouldn't be much good to you.
b) Use a reg fixer, and cleaner. Thy're free on CNET Software download.
c) Unplug the monitor, it'll stay black as long as you want
d) Use a paint program, fill up the convas with black and go full screen
e) Hold down cntrl alt del, to get to task manager,and control programs , processes, services etc. which are running.
f)Hold down cntrl shift del to clean the DNS cache, a lot of junk that builds up while on the web.
g) Seriously, halt your windows startup and click on the dos prompt, that'll give you c:\ and a blinking cursor. Type help and you'll see a lot of programs which will run and you really shouldn't be playing with. To get this list you may have to be on the windows partition, so after the blinking cursor type cd\windows: that'll get you to c:\windowspt, type '\help' there. But really, you shouldn't.

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