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Какой онлайн-телескоп посоветуете? Reward $2
Created by ChessKing, 742 days ago, 3144 views

Слышал о таких онлайн-телескопах что видят звездное небо на компьютере?Какой лучше?
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pustoi11742 days ago

сам искал такой телескоп. но ничего лучше этого не нашел. к сожалению,многие телескопы онлайн ничего не показывают. на этом сайте телескопы МКС(их три),показывают в основном землю,но иногда их разворачивают и в сторону планет и космос. честно говоря приятно,что люди думают о таких вещах,а не только о своих земных проблемах.

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Pamela741 days ago

Hi! Check out these websites:

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Aravi741 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Kindly find the below website. Currently it is out of service due to maintenance. You have to be a registered member to user their telescope. Unlike software and google, it provides real time sky watch. You will be able to access live and real telescope.


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Flashwind741 days ago

Hi, @ChessKing !

Strangely the fact that you didn't manage to find telescopes independently. It is very simple!

If there is such a desire, then attach the efforts!

If you love beautiful starry sky and saw the beauty of the cosmos in the photos, then I dare you disappoint in a telescope, even the most powerful, painting stand committed another.
Not only astronomers but also ordinary people dream about their telescope. But not everyone has such an opportunity. To date, there are many resources to look into it online.

I don't apply for publishing the complete list online of telescopes - he long and can not always give a security guarantee, but I offer you what telescopes I use personally. It is safe and effective. The main thing, it is interesting!

To make the list personal for you it is necessary to know:
1. The area of the sky that interests you.
2. Geographical point.

I want to offer you some unusual but very interesting to observer the point from which the average person is not possible to look at the stars.

Look through the telescope Hubble

Telescope online in real time.
ISS online in real time.
Cosmos watch online.
Map of the Moon based on photos.
3D solar system watch online

Online translation with telescope

If you are willing to pay the money, then perhaps Google Earth 5 pro choice-its price $400

Good luck and success to you in the further search of stars and planets and pleasure in watching!
With kind regards, Flashwind.

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