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Time limited after defrag ?? Reward $3
Created by woodland1954, 1423 days ago, 1521 views

I've used this Wise Cleaner for months now, but not sure about something. At the defrag spot, the left side says " shut down after defrag", right ? Well, does it matter how long you have the PC shut down in order to get the more you get cleaned up from it after turning it back on ? That is, - if I shut it down for a quick 5 seconds, would it matter if it was shut down either 5 seconds or 5 minutes, or an hour - then turn the PC back on to get more cleaned out from the cleaner and a better defrag ? ( The longer the shut down, the better the results is what I mean ). I just installed that download, ran it, but it said it was already installed.
Thanks guys Still can't those tiny blue spots to light up that are in the front for - " recommended ", etc.
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brendaniel1423 days ago

from what I know about system operation, the time doesn't matter, it only tells you to shut down your PC and start it again for a complete process, this is because when a PC is running, there are some processes the software cannot alter till it is shutting down or starting up, it is inbetween the time of the shutdown process and start up process the wise cleaner can do it's work completely on your hard drive, no software can perform when the system is totally shutdown, so it is not advisable to keep it shutdown for long... The work of the wise cleaner happens so fast that you wouldn't take note during the shutting down and starting up process...

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Whiterabbit011423 days ago

What 'Shut down after Defrag' means is that once the defragmenting process has completed the computer will shut down. Depending on how defragmented your disk is (and that is determined by the number of programs you install and uninstall), i.e. if your disk is badly defragmented it will take longer. The computer doesn't turn off until the defragmenting process is completed. Then the computer turns off. it's totally automatic, so once you set the defragmenting process going you can forget it. If you come to your computer later and it is still on, that means the defragmenting process is still going on. Most defragmenting processes now run in the background so you can still carry out work while the defragmenting process is going on, but if you are creating something (e.g. a word document, excel sheet or art work) ensure you save regularly just in case the computer does turn off at the end of the defragmenting process. Not sure whether you get a warning message as I never use the turn off option as I leave my computer on sometimes for days.

Reading your question seems to imply that you think the defrag process goes on while the computer is turned off. If this is what you think, it is wrong. The defragmenting process is not carried out when the computer is turned off, it can only work when the computer is turned on. Once the computer turns off it means the process is completed.

I hope I have explained myself adequately?

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Aravi1423 days ago

Hi @woodland1954

After defrag, the time delay depended on : -

1) Volume of files need to be defrag.

2) Volume of the hard disk installed.

3) Type of files that is need to be defrag.

I will request you to run defrag tool in recommended mode and allow it to have enough time required. And allow it to complete the process. Because it is fully automated process.

Further cleaning of junk files generated after defrag is also necessary.


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ha141423 days ago

well it is best to shutdown like 1min so to allow windows to calm down its process and services, Windows closes a number of system processes when it shuts down, packing up data as needed to make sure the system boots cleanly the next time it’s needed, defrag wont clean alot it depends on applications it might just delete temp files, shting down pc faster or slower do not affect file/folder positions on the hard disk, Sometimes, clearing the Page File at shutdown is enabled for security reasons. This is because the page file can be a security hole, as the data in it can be retrieved. Clearing the file at shutdown can take some time, however, so it may be the source of your problem.

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woodland19541420 days ago

OK Guys, -
I copied both of your answers, but it looks like both of you have different answers, I'll sit back and try to figure out what you guys are saying ( sorry, I'm a bit slow with PC'S even after 32 years of use, too many things to try to use. Seems there's always something new that pops up when I turn on the PC !!

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