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How many of you actually believe what the Government say's Reward $2
Created by my_asylum, 751 days ago, 1630 views

This is a question of how many people are blinded by Government flag waving and the best one (your not a good American if you don't do this) bullshit.....
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Xplu4750 days ago

The American government is controlled by corrupt politicians that serve only the rich people and organizations that support them financially. They will go to any lengths to obtain power and personal wealth. This includes flag-waving, sword-rattling, and fear-mongering. Concern for the citizens of America is not on their agenda. These criminals are kept in office by voters who become zombies on election day.

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gotsushi751 days ago

Not me. You are a total fool if you are for the official story of JFK, 911 etc.

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Aravi751 days ago

Hi @my_asylum

People cannot blindly believe what Government says; this is because government have 3 responsibilities: -

1) Need to keep people calm in-order to maintain peaceful situation.

2) Need to manage people's mind set as per the current international political situation.

3) Local political reasons.

Otherwise, the country will be a loser. However, we have to keep ourselves with the boundary limit that government wants to keep the prosperity of country. This is the same case all around the world.


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brendaniel751 days ago


I would have loved to answer you, but I'm not an american, where I come from, if we had a government that's just a quarter in performance of the united states, we will be so happy.... If I were to score your leaders I would give them a pass mark of 80percent, a lot of your leaders love your country, but here a lot our leaders hate our country but I still love my country despite having a bad government... So it is better you love your country and fly it's flag even if you hate the government....

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pustoi11750 days ago

Americans use the rest of the world, for the sake of their own, prosperity, allowing a select few, countries live are not worse off. they think they can decide how you have to live with them, the subjective point of view. If you like to work for someone, you love America. If you want to work for yourself, you're a smart man, but you violate the interests of America.

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hiflyer737 days ago

All politicians lie. All government people lie. All leaders lie. It's a prerequisite. The American government lies more than all the other countries put together. Our presidents lie more than Putin does.

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