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What can I eat that will reduce calories in my body. Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1556 days ago, 2292 views

How can I burn fat and calories out of my body
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Whiterabbit011556 days ago


If you are trying to lose weight, the only really effective way is to eat exactly the same things you normally do, but eat less of them. If you cut out more of the carbohydrates such as any starchy foods (eg potatoes, rice, pasta and bread) you can lose weight quicker. I've been eating virtually the same things as I always eat apart from bread and I've cut down on things like chips and rice, but I still eat them, just in moderation and I've lost almost two and a half stones (approx. 16Kg) since late June just by eating less of everything. Though a couple of times a week I treat myself excessively to something I really like such as a large tub of sorbet, or ice cream. I found the first three or four days of my self inflicted diet the hardest as I almost always felt hungry, though drinking flavoured water took the edge off that. After those days I got used to eating less and now if I try to eat what I used to it makes me feel bloated and sick.

If I do get hungry now, which considering I'm eating at least half of what I used to is actually rare unless I'm really active (compared to my usual activity) I have a bag of dried fruit and nuts that I make up myself by buying each item separately and mixing them together. A small handful of those helps to get over any hunger pangs, plus they are full of essential minerals, fats and also give an energy boost.

Trying to eat things you are not used may initially give you an obvious weight loss, but it's rare that anyone can keep up such diets.

With respect to exercise, I am disabled and unable to do any form of exercise because if I try , I end up in agony (I was hit from behind by a speeding car travelling at over 60 mph while cycling to work 11 years ago - I used to cycle 40 miles every day - to keep myself fit and save money on transport. I was sent home from the hospital a few hours after arriving after being told all that was wrong with me was a sprain and bruising, but in reality I had a serious head injury that left me brain damaged and four broken vertebrae, 2 of which were serious. I lost almost 4 inches in height and now suffer from chronic pain because of the lack of treatment. So, exercise isn't actually necessary to lose weigh, but it can really help if you have the time and inclination to do it. In fact exercise can increase your metabolic rate and help lose weight much faster. I reckon I'd have lost at least double what I have if I'd been able to do some proper workouts as well.

In the same period I've been dieting, my wife has been doing the same, but not as strictly, plus she had gone for a 4 mile run every day plus two swimming sessions each week with some gym work and has gone down two dress sizes and looks fabulous. I can't tell you how much weight she has lost because she won't weigh herself.

Good luck whatever you do to lose weight. I hope you are successful.


You won't lose fat by eating less fat, in fact, generally cutting down on fats (unless you eat excessive amounts can be bad for you because the compounds found in fats such as essential fatty acids are essential for body growth and repair as well as for virtually every thing else such as hormone production etc. Most of the fat stored in the body is actually derived from the carbohydrates you eat. Basically what happens is any excess carbohydrate you've eaten is firstly converted to glucose then converted to something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is used by the body to carry out virtually every process in your body, it drives chemical processes. Excess ATP is then converted via various biochemical pathways back to tri glycerides and thence to fats and stored as Adipose tissue under the epidermis (skin) and within the abdominal cavity. It has been shown that cutting out carbohydrates for a couple of weeks and only eating proteins and fats actually increases the metabolism of fats because fats are the next in line after carbohydrates in the production of energy. Once the body has started to metabolise fats easier, you can then start to eat carbohydrates again, but in smaller amount. This keeps the fat burring metabolism working effectively and fats will burn off a lot quicker than previously. A doctor caller Dr Atkins first proposed this type of diet and it famously became known as the Atkins diet. One side effect of the Atkins diet is however a lack of energy for the fist few weeks, which if you are a busy person and say have to drive long distances to work, could have catastrophic effects, i.e. falling asleep at the wheel, or if operating dangerous machinery, you'd be more prone to accidents. however, the Atkins diet can be an excellent tool to lose weight and increase your metabolism.


Other ways to reduce your weigh is to count your calories. Me and my wife tried this several years ago, and managed to lose about a stone over 4 weeks, but it was just before Christmas and we ended up putting all the weight back on. Still, if you find out the calorific values of each food per 100g, you can make sure you are eating around or below the recommended amount of calories for your weight and height and lose weight that way.


I suggest Googling the key word's phrases such as ''how to increasing metabolic rate'' or ''calorific values of essential foods (or just foods)', ''essential foods for good health'' or combinations of those. You'll get loads of information that should help in your quest.


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Annie1556 days ago

Only physical work

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brendaniel1556 days ago


If you can get your hands on these fruits, they will help

Lemons (try enjoying lemon water daily)

For list foods read this article

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Focuspockus1556 days ago

One teaspoon of baking soda per day. After a week of wonder.

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immoli1556 days ago


There are a few things to mention:[br]

1.) To burn additional Calories, you can work out a little bit. Like riding bike, jogging, push ups, squats. Actually most of the Calories are already burned by your body to maintain body temperature.

2.) Workout is fine but only make up a little bit of fat loss. Therefore, it is more important to not overeat. There are Calculators to Calculate how many Calories you need. It should be somewhere around 2300 +-300 (This really depends on a lot of factors; How old/How Tall/How Big and your daily Activity)

If you work out you will burn roughly like 100-300 calories more

So, search for a Calculator (don't register for one or pay for one, just take one to get a value you can work with)

3.) Count the calories you eat. If you Calculated lets say 2200 for you and you want to lose weight. Eat so much that you end around 2100 or maybe 2000 (this will be a huge difference), don't aim for too much, just eat a little bit less than necessary and workout a little bit more than usually)

As I said, 2100 is the aim if you need to eat 2200. If you never worked out, do like 5 Push ups and 5 Squats or an intense Walk for 10 minutes. This will burn calories for you in the long run. And especially the calorie counting is annoying but necessary to not overeat!

4.) Eat a lot of small meals (This one is completely optional, I consider it more healthy than intermittent fasting) so you should at least eat 3 times a Day, i recommend 5 Times and best equally spread, if you need to eat 2100 cals, its like 5 times 420 calories. So if you buy a meal that has like 1000 divide it into two meals.

5.) The problem with loosing weight is you will probably be hungry. So you have to look what you eat and choose wisely. The more complex the Carbohydrates, the better (you won't get hungry so fast then). Stay away from sugar (too many calories, for nothing). Also, Proteins/Carbs/Fat doesn't matter as long as you hit your 2100 mark. Then you'll lose weight. The Body doesn't care if you give him Fat or Carbs or Proteins. The body needs fuel and takes what he gets. Carbs and Proteins are like 4 calories/g and Fat is 8 calories/g.

6.) Drink a lot of water. At least 2.5 L a Day.

What I can recommend...

Rice, Potatoes, Frozen vegetable (got a lot of fiber, so you won't get hungry to fast), or Vegetables in general, In my opinion the frozen ones are better but it doesn't matter as long as it is vegetable, Almonds (got lots of fatty acids, so they add a lot of calories, beware!!!), Oatmeal, low fat Milk, Beans, Bananas (all of this will help to not get hungry that fast), Salad (also got lots of fibers and lots of water, salad is like no calories ;D), chicken.

Absolutely stay away from Bread, especially white bread (you will get hungry fast and it's a lot of calories), also stay away from flat sugar(glucose/fructose). Don't drink energy drinks or Coke or sth. Only Water!

Okay, this should help a lot. Don't follow any miracle promising diet plans or whatever... just eat clean. Complex Carbohydrates, a bit of protein a bit of fat and you are fine. loosing fat is not a miracle its just Science... (Conserrvation of Mass), Your body needs 2.5k Cals, if you eat 2.4k Cals, you'll loose mass, if you eat 2.6k Cals, you'll gain mass. As simple as 1,2,3.

If you just want to not make a lot of progress concerning muscle gains, you can absolutely have fat as major component in your diet. AS LONG, AS YOU don't overeat! I can't stress this enough. It all comes down to how many calories overall you eat, your body is highly efficient at converting any fuel, he doesn't discriminate between fat or Carbohydrates.

A little side note I have to add. Concerning random calculators in the internet for your Calorie Aim, you should not trust them, no one ones your body better than you do. If you for example calculated 2600 and you decided to aim for 2450 calories every day and you manage to do this but you notice you are loosing weight way to fast, you should probably go up to 2550 because the calculator may be wrong and you need to eat more. (To prevent the Tojo effect or health risks)

The same is if you are eating 2450 every day and you notice that your weight increases, in this case, either the 2450 is too much or you eat more than you calculated.

And I can't stress this part enough again: Don't overeat, don't follow ridiculous diet plans...

Most important: Don't believe everything, that is written in the Internet! I Mentioned most of the important Points and if needed I can explain each of them further.

Sorry for my bad English. Good Luck, never surrender, never give up!

Best regards

Great Foods! they are very healthy and tasty and it's nice to throw them in sometimes but they contain also a lot of glucose and I can't recommend eating them with further advice (read the upper part) ;-)

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Aravi1556 days ago

Hi @selcinor

Any low calorie fruit

Millet diet

Vegetable like Cabbage


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badlandbiker661553 days ago

if you can find grapefruit it will take some weight because it has a good calorie breaker

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pustoi111553 days ago

nothing. because any foods contain calories.

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bagasganteng1553 days ago

It may helps:,,20454528,00.html

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Icuska1553 days ago

Reggel éhgyomorra egy kávéskanál szódabikarbóna,egy fél citromlével 2dcl vízzel keverve.

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