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Counting the days. 5
Created by timetravler, 752 days ago, 1091 views

Why did us humans start counting at year 1 and not way back before,say 5000 or more years back in time..
This day my be the year Nov.23, 222,222,202,016 or even a larger number.
Did we start all over? And why?
Would'it mess there records all up?
And why did we start the date on Jan. 01,0001?
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Aravi751 days ago

Hi @timetravler

Time neither have starting nor have end. The calendar is the most appropriate way to count year before year 1 is BC. The Gregorian Calendar is the most appropriate way.

Why Was There No Year 0?

When the present system we use to count years was invented by a scholar called Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century, and later established around Europe, Roman numerals were used, which did not have a zero. Therefore 1 BC is the year before AD 1, with no intervening year 0. (Year sequence: 3 BC, 2 BC, 1 BC, AD 1, AD 2, AD 3, etc...).

Kindly also find when was zero invited. This is because the concept of zero first appeared in India around A.D. 458. It took nearly a century to reach Europe.


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nuklin751 days ago

They're using the Astronomical system but we use the Gregorian system.

There are two ways to represent dates:
1. The Gregorian calendar, the older Julian calendar, the Caesar’s calendar and the Anno Domini.

2. The Astronomical notation and the ISO 8601:2004 (previously ISO 8601:2000)

The first representation does not consider the mathematical algorithm of the number system ranging from -1/0/+1. But recognizes BC and AD

The second representation, that is the astronomical year numbering recognizes zero implying date from -1/0+1 but does not recognize BC and AD

Finally, 1BC for Gregorian equals zero for Astronomical and 1AD for Gregorian equals 1 for Astronomical depending on what date you are referring to.

For more:


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brendaniel751 days ago

@timetravler The date counting of the world is limited to the information known by man, no one knows the beginning of time, so from the time date was been counted it had to have a reference which is why you see BC and AD which stands for BEFORE CHRIST and AFTER THE DEATH which is used for the time Jesus Christ existed on the earth and after his death.

That's what is used to count date here on earth because the early men who existed on earth didn't keep records of their dates till a particular period of time.

I think the Bible however is used as a yardstick for the counting of dates, if you read from Genesis to revelation, the period before Jesus Christ came and after he came, I think historians were able to draw out periods with ancient evidence of records to be able to count dates.

Conclusion : no one knows the accuracy of ancient records and time including date counting, even the year we are currently today might not be the correct date of earth, because there are evidences to show that the earth has existed for millions of years,
So in conclusion the current date and time we all use is a limited information, in fact it is a limit to the knowledge of human about time on earth.

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Aravi744 days ago

Hi @timetravler

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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