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Created by timetravler, 724 days ago, 1046 views

Okay.if i minute before midnight of year 1 is -11:59,-1.
why did they start whith negitive numbers?
for example in Egypt when they where building the pyramids did they call there dates,fore example -3055,march 31,1:00 PM?
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brendaniel723 days ago

Nobody uses -1, I don't know where you are getting your information from, if you have a reference of any article you've seen before with regards to your question please post it here, cause you're getting a lot of people confused with the question...

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Drmgiver723 days ago

We do in modern times. They did not. We use a system that says "BC" or "AC" "Before Christ" and "After Christ" the farther you go back in BC, the greater the numbers would get because that is how many years before Christ it would be.

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nuklin723 days ago


If the Egyptians had -3055,march 31,1:00 PM? Then, they were referring to the old Astronomical dating system meaning

3066BC March 31, 1:00 PM from 3055 years before year zero(0) plus year zero. We are in a new number system everyone will expect the new trend ie the Gregorian system. You can see further explanations down here. I hope this helps. Goodluck!!!

There are two ways to represent dates:

1. The Gregorian calendar, the older Julian calendar, the Caesar’s calendar and the Anno Domini.

2. The Astronomical notation and the ISO 8601:2004 (previously ISO 8601:2000)

The first representation does not consider the mathematical algorithm of the number system ranging from -1/0/+1. But recognizes BC and AD

The second representation, that is the astronomical year numbering recognizes zero implying date from -1/0+1 but does not recognize BC and AD.

Finally, 1BC for Gregorian equals zero for Astronomical and 1AD for Gregorian equals 1 for Astronomical depending on what date you are referring to.

For more:

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Aravi723 days ago

Hi @timetravler

The start of negative number is at 15 century.

Egypt pyramids are built to store death bodies of their Royal family and kings. The king order nearly 10 to 20 years before to built a pyramids for him before he dies. Exactly he predict that he will die. Egypt pyramids builders don't use negative number instead they use to say that positive number number of days left to built pyramid. It sounds like negative number to all but it is a positive number only.

They even say that 3055 years before the current date. But not negate date, this is because it is positive number count from current date to backward.


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