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What was the date 1 minute before 12:00 AM ,year one? Reward $2
Created by timetravler, 727 days ago, 1817 views

What was the date 1 minute before 12:00AM ,year 1?
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brendaniel727 days ago

Please can you explain what you mean by year one?

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pixel_alex727 days ago

The Answer is i think Year 31.12.0000. We learned at the Change from 1999 to 2000 that the Correct new Year Thousand was 2001. :)

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nuklin727 days ago

The date is: 23:59, 31/12/01BC OR 11:59, 31/12/01 BC meaning 23hours, 59minutes on the 31st December year 1Before the death of Christ (BC). Goodluck!!!

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Aravi727 days ago

Hi @timetravler

I agree with @nuklin

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Rogge05726 days ago

31/12 of the year 1a.D, because of the birth of Christ until the previous year is considered -1 and not year zero. There is no year 0 a.D !!!

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antonioromanoeask726 days ago

The Answer is: 11:59 AM - year one

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zrodfects726 days ago


I also agree with @nukin
1BC would be before Year One, and 2BC etc, then you will eventually get in to the dinosaur calendars :P

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willie726 days ago

Who cares ?????

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nuklin725 days ago


There are two ways to represent dates:

1. The Gregorian calendar, the older Julian calendar, the Caesar’s calendar and the Anno Domini.

2. The Astronomical notation and the ISO 8601:2004 (previously ISO 8601:2000)

The first representation does not consider the mathematical algorithm of the number system ranging from -1/0/+1. But recognizes BC and AD.

The second representation, that is the astronomical year numbering recognizes zero implying date from -1/0+1 but does not recognize BC and AD.

Finally, 1BC for Gregorian equals zero for Astronomical and 1AD for Gregorian equals 1 for Astronomical depending on what date you are referring to so the answer to your question in Astronomical dating is 11:59 31 st December, year zero ie 11:59, 31/12/00. or my previous answer. But we are in the Gregorian age remember. Goodluck!

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