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What is the best Movie place for a computer download? Reward $3
Created by jcs0891, 385 days ago, 968 views

I would like to start watching movies on my laptop Windows 7.
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zrodfects383 days ago

Try this site:

I use it all the time, you would also need a torrent downloader which is easy to find, most popular would be "Bit Torrent"

Though not recommended as this is classed as stealing, I only do it to see if a movie is worth watching/buying etc, just like video games, I prefer my hard copies, because they look nice all lined up on the shelf, having over 800 bluray's and thousands of video games, makes you want to continue the passion of buying and collecting... If you download movies, I only download what I plan to watch straight away, technically they should be deleted witihin 24 hours, but I delete them right after I watch, so only 2 - 3 hours max.

Support don't steal :)

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brendaniel385 days ago

Check this, you have the top 5 best options to pick

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Pamela385 days ago

Hi! Check out this list of websites:

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ha14385 days ago


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vickyph84385 days ago

primewire is really good i love it

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Aravi385 days ago

Hi @jcs0891

Kindly find the below link:-


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nihal29384 days ago

hello @jcs0891
the BEST movie site for torrenting HD movie =
TOP 5 sites=


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Rogge05383 days ago

Movies and torrents:

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maren383 days ago

Nothing of this is free.

If you wanna something FREE for download movies, I recommend sharing for you.
Use software like DC++ and share your files with others, you will easy find list of free hubs on Internet.
Connect on int, and enjoy.

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chakramed381 days ago

I suggest you go and Chek you will love it


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Focuspockus381 days ago

Use the Mozilla Firefox browser

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zrodfects380 days ago

Thank you for choosing my answer, I hope this helps you for what you were looking for..


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amitzale351 days ago

i would suggest to check these free movie downloading websites

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borichamehul5326 days ago

There is a list in which all apps are there from downloading mp3s to movies here:

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