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Will there be a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie? Reward $2
Created by Pamela, 553 days ago, 1167 views

Will there be a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie?
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Pravy553 days ago

Probably not. The book is actually based on a play written not my the main author J. K Rowling but by Play writers. Rowling only helped them coauthor it.
Fantastic beast and where to find them is a standalone book and it can be easily adopted for a movie but not the cursed child book.
If I am to say, Harry Potter ended the way it should i, e on a happy note. I see no reason for it to return.

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arvel1801553 days ago

i think yes, but after Fantastic Beast trilogy, 2020-2025 maybe?

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Aravi552 days ago

Hi @Pamela

Heart breaking answer, no. According to Rowling, there are no plans to make Cursed Child into a movie.


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Danyil552 days ago

Yes, of course!

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