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I want a video editing software to HD Free Reward $2
Created by thaison2001, 495 days ago, 765 views

Need a video editing software SD to HD
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yanka457495 days ago

so your looking to enhance a video do it looks more hd?

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ha14495 days ago




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brendaniel495 days ago


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Aravi495 days ago

Hi @thaison2001

Try VSDC Free-Video-Editor : -


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silverchic31495 days ago

i know there is freemake video converter its a freeware

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Pravy494 days ago

Sorry but there's no software out there that could actually convert SD quality to HD quality. The so called software will only increase the resolution from 480p to 720p but the quality of the video will remain same of what it was in the SD video.
I say this because I have years of experience in transcoding video's for certain sites.
If increasing the resolution is your objective then I would recommend HANDBRAKE for the software. It's easy to use and does a better job than most.

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LeonMN494 days ago


the latest version of VSDC to be found here

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selected489 days ago

Not possible.

Try enlarging a tiny photo and you get a large, pixelated one. Same thing goes with enlarging SD video to HD.

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zrodfects488 days ago

Try this free software:

It will ask you to install a loader, once you do that then you can use the conversion software...


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almhtref488 days ago

go to

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almhtref488 days ago

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Focuspockus484 days ago

Insite -

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anhot416 days ago

People like movies — no question about it — but not everyone likes to go through the painstaking task of filming and editing their own feature-length film. It’s often a difficult process, one that can be filled with time-consuming chores and tedious work, not to mention a costly budget. However, simple editing can be done on the cheap if you’re willing to ditch powerful, high-end software such as Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas Pro in favor of a more modest program. Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be making Iñárritu-caliber films, but your home movies and YouTube uploads can take on a whole new shine with a few straightforward tools.

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nadynn416 days ago

When it comes to video editing, there is no better tool than . It has a free version too! Personally, I love its ease of use and multiple effects available to apply to videos to make them look amazing.

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