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Did anyone ever earn any real prize from this platform Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 759 days ago, 1119 views

If you truly earn any prize from this platform just state it, and how you earn it
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zrodfects758 days ago

I have never saved enough to get a prize, I can honestly say I trust that it is legit, but it is something I couldn't hold off to save for, besides, I have a good phone I also have an iPad so technically these prizes are not needed, also even if points went higher it is not a rip off because at the end of the day it is free.

I usually only save up for the 290 points, as 150 you earn 5 where as 290 gives you 10 which is minus 10 points overall, instead of cashing in at 150 each time, plus on top of earnings we get here, I normally cash out each month or second month which ever I feel the need to.

Works well for me in Australia because of the US dollar, so I gain a little more, the same with where I do a lot of work, each work earns you $5 hence fiverr, and fiverr keeps $1, but because of the US dollar is so low I actually earn $5.30 so I don't miss out on fees, if anything I gain more, especially when I earn well in to the hundreds, some jobs I get $30-$40 per job which I work 24/7 there so I gain several hundred per month and getting higher and higher, enough for me to work from home anyways, I haven't been in a full time job for the past 5 years, staying home with my kids is awesome, thanks to working with online stuff that we couldn't do years ago, I also work for Apple with selling apps, every app sold I get a percentage, this makes thousands per year, plus doing this EUASK site, I also do over a dozen online suverys just for fun and extra cash on the side, from prize draws to a points system and bonus gift cards, the highest gift card I earnt was $200, but mostly $20-$50, but this is only a random times of the year..

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mischief_no1759 days ago

Yes. I helped someone with a question. Hope this helps.

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Aravi759 days ago

Hi @selcinor

Yes, I made out real prizes. It purely depended on your luck and how well you understand and answer.


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Danyil759 days ago

Yes of course

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ha14758 days ago


yes, it is a reliable system and depends on those who ask the questions, either you gain points or points and cash if you are selected the best answer, in answer, you can get the cash to your paypal account only when it is 10USD and higher, and 100USD for bank transfert

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brendaniel758 days ago

@mischief_no1 @Aravi @Danyil @ha14
You guys don't really understand what he is asking, what he saying is: Has anyone gotten prizes or cash physically sent from such as phones, tablets or physical cash/transfer to his bank account/PayPal which is been used by he/she personally and if anyone has done so, how did it he/she do it?

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ha14758 days ago


you are right, it is long distance to get physical prize like iPad, (6500 points for iPad mini)

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Alirio758 days ago

Yes, perseverance and good luck paid off, I collect a total of $14 to my PayPal account, from direct rewards answering questions plus converting points rewards to cash

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Aravi758 days ago

Hi @brendaniel

In that case no bro. Because it requires lot of points.


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nihal29758 days ago

Hey mate I just love helping people and from this site I helped many people . few months ago I got payment of 50$ PayPal cash which I gifted to my sister. I also redeemed 5$ for 150 points . and how I got them , by just answering the questions based on the topics that are well known by me.
Hope you will found this helpful.

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olja225588758 days ago

I transfered about 30$ on my paypall account.
So this system is really working. Plus, you can really earn 5$ or 10$ for points which you got for answering or as a daily gift. Have a nice day!

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brendaniel758 days ago

Please can you tell me what type of jobs you do on fivver and how do you get customers, I've registered for about 3years now and not gotten one job from fivver, please help me I will really appreciate, thanks in advance

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zrodfects757 days ago

Hi there, this depends on the type of work you do and what people look for, I have over a dozen different jobs, so the more you do more chance you get customer, firstly customers find me, just by simply searching the type of work they need and they see that I have an on going 5 star rating anda lot of happy customers, I have been doing this for a couple of years too, even when I first started it did take over a year before it started to pick up, some of the stuff I do from photo enlargements to logo designs were not that popular so it was slow for me, I then added more work and so I added about 2 years word search puzzles, cross word puzzles and cutsom maze puzzles in peoples or business names, this has been the most popular for me as I do this also as a living for cafe shops magazine authors so this is obviously popular, I plan to do more styles over time which will help bring more work hopefully, I also do printable custom birthday invitations that cover themes from Star Wars to Shrek etc, once you get started a lot of the customers return, some people have even asked me if I do certain things that I don't have a Fiverr gig for, if I can do it then I obviously say yes, there is one lady who used some other person for a while no longer does her work, this involves turning flyers and layouts or website descriptions into a business style printable PDF file, I do this for someone on a regular bases, kinda like data entry with images etc,

I don't look for customers they just find me just from searches they hope to find. Others create all kinds of art and makes enough money to buy a house, I make a lot but no where near what type of dollars the high sellers make, but maybe one day when I add more jobs who knows, again this depends on what type of work you do, remember there is always more than one person that does the same or similar job, so I see what they offer and I create better offers, for my puzzles for example, people charge a lot more than what I do, since I do this for a living it is also very easy for me to make so creating more for a less price works in my favor, be unique if you can, I do custom names with a maze puzzle inside, it is a 3D-ish looking name and could be for a business promo handout, or a kids birthday party, everyone likes to see their name done in in different ways.

Just think of all the things you can do or what skill you think you have using your PC, then go check out the exact same that others are doing and see how you can do it better or more for the same price or less, if everyone does the same thing and charges the same your pretty much only a waiting game, people then have many choices to choose and your just in the mix, so be unique don't charge too much on stuff customers can actually do themselves but just don't have the time for.

I also promote books for authors by simply posting across Facebook pages in high traffic popular book groups, which is actually hard to find but took me some time to set up despite how easy this sounds, now I have my groups it is easy as just posting, I post to over 400,000 members and growing so the authors are happy, others do this too but they are for random groups so it is pointless, so I do book only groups since it is just a book, the gig is actually quite popular too.

I also make custom Facebook headers etc, and some fun photo collages, some not so popular but here and there on top of my popular gigs won't matter how slow.

If you do work for people who have a business or clients of their own you will find at times they give you tips/extra cash for a job well done, this happens a lot for me, some people have a tip jar gig, this I don't do as I leave it entirely up to the customer if they want to tip me or not, and it does happen quite a lot....

Good luck..

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brendaniel757 days ago

@zerodfects Thanks for your answer, I'm so happy for the information.....

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