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How to get more YouTube views ?? Reward $2
Created by thaison2001, 763 days ago, 1062 views

Muốn có được nhiều view trên youtube
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Aravi763 days ago

Hi @thaison2001

1) Name your video file accurately (SEO part): - This is a good place to use specific keywords, or terms that people may type into YouTube search. If you want people to find your video under the search term "funny things to do with your lizard" then that should be the name of your video. This will also help your video be found under the word "lizard" and term "things to do with your lizard".

2) Give your video an appealing title (SEO part). It should be short, engaging, and to the point. If your video is about your kid spilling macaroni and cheese everywhere, just call it "Mac and Cheese Disaster." It should pique your viewers' interests without giving too much away. A very effective technique to boost views is to write a title that makes people want to click on it, this is called ClickBait. For example "What this lizard does next will surprise you" or "You wont believe the weird thing this lizard can do".

3 ) Describe your video thoroughly (SEO part). Most people ignore this step, but you should take it seriously to increase your views. Describe your video as accurately as possible in the space you are given, taking 2-3 paragraphs to write an interesting and precise description of what people can expect when they see the video. This is another great opportunity to include your keywords and search terms for a higher chance of your video being found.

4) Use the best tags (SEO part). Use all of the keywords from your title and description in the "tags" section to get more viewers interested. The more relevant tags you use, the more often your video will pop up when people search it. For example, if you're posting a video of your cute sleepy dog, you could use words like "Sleepy," "Dog," "Hilarious," and "Cutest." Make sure you don't include extra tags in the description, as those are not included when people search for them. You can use tags that describe your video as well as other relevant popular videos to make sure that as many people as possible see your video when they are searching YouTube.

5) Share your video as soon as you post it (Marketing part). The earlier you share it, the more likely it will be to be a YouTube sensation. If you wait a week to share it while it barely gets any views, it'll be much more likely to be forgotten by the YouTube community. Remember, timing is everything. Think of when your audience is likely to watch your video and release right before then (evenings and weekends are a good suggestion).

6) Email your video to your friends, family, and coworkers (marketing part). Create an email list consisting of the people who know you well enough to be actually intrigued by your new YouTube video, and send them the link and encourage them to watch it. You can even add, "I can't wait to hear what you think!" to show that you really expect them to watch your video. If you don't care about potentially annoying people, just send it out to as many people as you can. If you have an intriguing subject and a persuasive email, there's a good chance anyone will look at the video without even knowing you very well.

7) Share your video through social media (marketing part). Post your video on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking sites that you've joined. Ask your friends to like, comment on, and share your post. This will help gain some traction on your video post and it may even go viral.

8) Use a blog or a website to promote your videos (marketing part). If you have a blog or a website, you can use it to market your videos. If you don't have a blog or website of your own but know friends with websites or blogs that are popular, ask your friends if they can help you out by sharing your video with their fans. If your video is something news-worthy then consider submitting your video to a news website like Mashable, if its accepted and posted on a news site then you will be guaranteed to have many more views.


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brendaniel763 days ago

Read this article with pictures here

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yanka457763 days ago

PERFECT SOLUTION I have done this and I it has worked for me and it %100 will work for you. It's very simple and easy but it does the trick. You will get thousands of real views real fast. listen closely....Take your video link and share it on Justin Bieber /Kim Kardashian/Kylie Jenner and other popular celebrity Facebook like pages yes it will work they get thousands of views a day just post your video in the comment section but of course say a nice caption around it to make them really want to watch and boom a huge hike of your views will go up and you'll have thousands of views fast I used this method and now I have over 150k views it really works Seriously. This really works try it.Good Luck ^_^

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thaison2001762 days ago

thank all

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Aravi762 days ago

Hi @thaison2001

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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