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Too Much System Restore Use? Reward $25
Created by Wise_EPL, 393 days ago, 702 views

Can using System Restore too much be rough & hard on the Computer?
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brendaniel393 days ago

In my experience, System Restore is a robust mechanism that can be used repeatedly without danger. There is no cache "to be used up" but rather a number of restore points that are implemented as individual files in the folder C:\System Volume Information.

However if you need to use System Restore very often, you are doing
something very much wrong that is causing frequent problems and the
need to use System Restore. One of these days, your problem will be
such that System Restore won't fix it.

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Aravi393 days ago

Hi @Wise_EPL

I use to clean system restore older the 2 months manually. But make sure you have no problem in pc before you delet.

Open wise 365 > click on back up restore> you can find restore points listed date wise.


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ha14393 days ago

No it does not affect Windows and computer, it only comes down to how many restore points you want to be able have available, and how much disk space you can spare for them

Understanding System Restore

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ralphfurgason392 days ago

No, It will simply restore your system to what is was before you got whatever is troubling it. If you chose to restore to original you will lose everything except your original programming. So its best to just restore to a previous date first and see if that resolves your problem.

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Pravy391 days ago

Simple answer is NO. System Restore isn't rough and hard on the system. It uses the same amount of resources what you would use during a normal usage of your system.
Thou i would recommend a defragmentation to be done after you would have done a system restore.
Hope this helps.

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wim381 days ago

The reasons are that system restore slows the system down, uses up resources (hard drive & memory), often doesn\'t work, and is a safe-haven for viruses and spyware.
Turning of system restore frees up valuable resources like hard drive space and memory as well as CPU cycles.
All machines benefit from not running a process that has roughly a 50% success rate. Proper maintenance, keeping your system free of viruses & spyware, and properly backing up important files is much more conducive to your system health and recovery after mishaps. More importantly, consider how system restore (is supposed to) work(s):
When the system is changed, a system restore point is made, usually by a program or update being installed. You also have the option to create manual restore points, and Windows will make them periodically. This is your virtual "do-over" if you make a mistake, a program crashes, or a virus slams your machine.

The problem is that viruses may not be discovered till days or weeks later. The same is true of spyware. This means that if you have undiscovered nasties on your machine long before you know it, the restore points will include copies of these viruses and spyware. In addition to this, system restore is a "protected" area of your hard drive. This protection also prevents anti-virus and spyware cleaning tools from ridding the computer of found nasties completely.

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rehan05379 days ago

no brother. not at all

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nihal29379 days ago

Yes it happened to me that my windows crashed and when I restored to a point some applications stopped working and I can't go back to the previous restore point.

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badlandbiker66378 days ago

no it is not harmful to the computer and actually sometimes it helps to keep your computer from blue or black screen problems

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