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Как лучше принимать лекарство Reward $2
Created by ChessKing, 765 days ago, 2348 views

Почему врачи говорят что лекарство нужно принимать курсами,потому что в другом случае это будет пустая трата денег.Но ведь организм привыкает к таблеткам.
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Aravi765 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Reason 1: - Disease, body and internal organs all are affected by medicine. As they get affected by the presence of medicine, they try to develop resistance to the medicine. This will result in loosing scope to cure the disease.

Example: - Superbugs diseases

Reason 2: -As our body too affected by medicine, certain medicine can result in numerous side effects.

Example: Any alcohol or certain metal contain medicine can cause fatty liver syndrome, if they are used for longer time.

Hence, it is strongly advice to take any medicine under monitory of a doctor.


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Aravi762 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Thanks for choosing my answer as the best answer.


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