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Можно ли бежать быстрее своей тени. 5
Created by ChessKing, 648 days ago, 2007 views

Можно ли бежать быстрее своей тени?
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Aravi648 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

The answer could go either way, depending on where you measure the position of the shadow.

If you measure the position of the shadow from the shadow's feet, then the answer is NO. You and your shadow will always be in the same place, so you can't ever outrun each other.

If you measure from the center of the shadow, then MAYBE. To make this a yes, you will have to meet one of two possible conditions:

1. In the afternoon (facing east), run backwards. Because you cannot run faster than the earth rotates, the sun will eventually set. This will make your shadow lengthen. As your shadow lengthens, its center will move further away from you and "fall behind".

2. In the morning (facing west), run forwards. As the sun moves higher into the sky and eventually begins to set, your shadow will move from in front of you to behind you. Thus you have passed it, and you are moving faster.


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Aravi647 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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Danyil642 days ago

Нет ето физически не возможно!

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mildina54642 days ago

можно если бежиш напроти солнцу

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