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Китайская медицина-отзывы 5
Created by savram, 592 days ago, 1803 views

Ваше мнение о китайской медицине.Типа Тяньши.
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maren591 days ago

In 1998 I was in China on medical treatment and this was very successful. I have epilepsy, but after treatment, my illness changed and all my life to.
Now I live my life like without any sickness. I have children, etc. etc.
During Chinese treatment western (standard medicine pills) medicine was "kicked" from my treatment.
Chinese treatment was only treatment used for my illness and this treatment was successful. Today I don't have epilepsy atack and similar.

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maren591 days ago

If someone need info: Epilepsy hospital is located in Hebei province, Xingtai City.
Just search little on web, probably now this hospital have website, in 1998 there was dr. Tan(g).

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