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Can i design a logo by using MS Paint? Reward $2
Created by BTW, 653 days ago, 1942 views

Can i design a logo by using MS Paint?
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omarwa79652 days ago

yes of course .

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Logicz1hunid652 days ago

Hey @BTW
Yes you can. However, it will be a very simple and unprofessional logo. If you really want good logos for both casual and professional uses, you can try designapp ( which is a great website that offers a collection of logos that can be edited to suit your needs.

Have a great day :).

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brendaniel652 days ago

Yes you can, learn how to do it here

Or watch this

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Aravi652 days ago


Yes, you can design a logo by using MS Paint. But the clarity of the logo and it quality will be low as compared to Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Hence, it is totally depended on for what you want to design a logo.

1) If for hard copy company letterhead or low quality notice: MS Paint will do.

2) If for website / high quality digital letterhead / email / digital notice/ digital banners: better to work with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator will be more good, if you are doing for a website. It allows you to keep the optimized good quality images.


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ha14652 days ago


How To Make a Logo Easily with Microsoft Word

you can use PowerPoint too better with 3D objects

Make An Animated Logo Intro in PowerPoint:

combine powerpoint and photoshop

Using MS Paint to resize or create logos, buttons and banners

How to get html color code from an image using MS Paint

Simple Floating Logo

3-D Floating Logo

20 Gimp Logo Design Tutorials
1. Web 2.0 Button Logo
2. Dekoded Software Logo
3. Audi Logo Design
4. Metallic Logo
5. Volkswagen Logo Tutorial
6. Make a logo using the Path tool
7. Web 2.0 Text logo
8. Simple text based website logo
9. 3D text logo
10. Clear Logo Tutorial
11. Reflections for Logos
12. Text and curve based Logo
13. Text logo with blur and gradient
14. Glowing Neon Logo
15. Arrow and Text Based Logo
16. Glossy Metal Text Logo
17. Curved text in Gimp
18. Gimp contaminated effect tutorial
19. Gold text effect
20. Create a light text effect in Gimp

online logo creator

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ckoch652 days ago

all you need is laughingbird creator. Its not real cheap but you'll use it for every design you want to create its full of templates which is awesome and you extract it as a transparent which you can't do in free software usually. if you want to do free then study up on gimp because that's really the only other way to do transparency. maybe pixler that's an online graphics program that is free also, gimp has to be downloaded. Besides what people have posted here you can easily do searches to find tutorials for these two programs. Let me just tell you though that's not the easy way out, laughingbird creator is the easy way to do it.

That having been said I think there is a way to make any gif transparent using some of the free auto image programs they have now but you'll need to search around for them (you know the ones I mean where you can take an image and make it a drawing or change the face to a cartoon). One of them might have a transparency option.

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nunitak650 days ago

@BTW Why not?

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sunilchand650 days ago

yes you can design easily.........

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dimexy247649 days ago

Of course you can but the most effective that you can even explore better is by using Coreldraw. Let me know if you need some basics tutorials on it.

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Flashwind648 days ago

Hi, @BTW
Theoretically, to develop a logo in any graphics editor, including MS Paint. The problem is in the quality of the product. If your objective is to overcome difficulties, develop a logo with this tool.
I recommend you GIMP 2
.. or just search for "download GIMP 2" is a free free program. But this software requires certain knowledge and skills.
In the list of programs, free software is FastStone (FastStone Image Viewer & FastStone Photo Resizer)
I wish you good luck and success!
Sincerely, Flashwind.

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Danyil642 days ago

Yes, but it'll not be beautifull! Fotoshop is better!

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hageuy641 days ago

I think CorelDraw is still the best for making a logo..

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