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What game is trending horror right now? Reward $2
Created by tonidemis, 412 days ago, 878 views

What game is trending horror with zombies and puzzles right now?
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Aravi411 days ago

Hi @tonidemis

Kindly find the below article on most anticipated horror games this year: -


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zekman403 days ago

I would recommend ***We Happy Few***, good art, interesting story.

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nihal29402 days ago

i will recommend
dead space 3
Layers of Fear
Five Nights at Freddy's


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B4SSH34D398 days ago


If you love horror games, this game is a must to have. The environment is awesome.
The graphics looks a bit dated. But I feel it just adds to the horror feel.

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thaison2001397 days ago

vui lòng xem bài viết này và chọn cho mình một trò chơi kinh dị mà bạn muốn, các game đó đều là free bạn cứ lựa chọn thoải mái

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Danyil396 days ago

Dying Light

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