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Can't turn on Windows Defender Reward $2
Created by boyz, 1423 days ago, 2932 views

Anyone can help me?

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userid3931423 days ago

Какой стоит Windows?

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Aravi1423 days ago

Hi @boyz

As per the default setting of windows defender in modern Operating system, it will be turned off if another real-time protection is on. This means you can't run 2 real-time protection of a same kind simultaneously.

Let us take an example:-

Malware real time protection + Anti virus real-time protection will work.
But Malware real time protection + Malware real time protection will not work.
Similarly Anti virus real-time protection + Anti virus real-time protection will not work.

These setting are handled from security center in windows 10. They can't be changed.

If you have only windows defender, then follow the troubleshooting steps in the below article: -


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ha141423 days ago


try this portable Defender Control 1.1

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ravinskij11423 days ago

Поставь любой анти вирус и перезагрузись

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brendaniel1423 days ago

Visit the Microsoft site to resolve this here

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raul19611423 days ago

You can run Windows Defender Offline.. Go to Settings and inside push over Run Windows Defender offline. Must close all the windows and restart the computer. Windows can do it for you. After the restart must be in Green and Turned ON.

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starparticle1422 days ago

This happened to me when Microsoft convinced me to upgrade to Windows 10 when it rolled out. Turned out that my computer was not compatible with worked okay for a couple months then decided to try and die on me...if you did an upgrade you need to check with the maker of your pc.

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jerry451421 days ago

u probably don't need if you have installed some other defense rendering auto shut off on your windows defender.

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GenaLev1420 days ago

видимо у тебя стоит еще антивирус удали его и в параметрах активируй защитник

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Traummacher1420 days ago

Try IObit .They have freeware that should help you. Check them out

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sa1420 days ago

try fixwin it works for me.

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Tankkiller1420 days ago

Hi @boyz
If you can't turn windows defender on, it's likely that you have another anti-virus taking over for windows defender, like iobit. Look in your programs using the control panel, and see if you do have one covering windows defender. Do this by going to "Cortana" (or the search box) and type "Control Panel", next, click on "Programs", and click on "Programs and features", then, look at the list and see if any of them are preventing you from turning windows defender on.
If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer and then retrying to turn it off, still not working? Try clicking on the "Help" button that shows up with the warning. This will give you a detailed list on how to resolve the issues. Your welcome

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boyz1420 days ago

It was back to normal after starting. I don't know how it happened.

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Miluska1419 days ago

Paklize mate jiny anti virus napr.Avast,tak Vam Windows nepujde,jedine Avast nebo jiny anti virus musite odintalovat a Windows Defender Vam pujde a otevre se.

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ckoch1419 days ago

skip it altogether providing you have an antivirus software on your computer it does NOTHING for you I don't even know why windows provides it honestly its ridiculous to even put it on our computers nearly everyone is smart enough to know you need another virus program to keep your windows safe. I recommend avast paid if you can as it has its own firewall that works independently of you (which you also really need in place of windows firewall).

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