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Why's it so difficult to meet another person with....... Reward $4
Created by my_asylum, 724 days ago, 1484 views

Why is it so difficult to meet another person who also has type O negative blood??
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alienflyer717 days ago


Because you are freaks of nature. :) Just kidding. Maybe someone should start an O- dating site. . .

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brendaniel724 days ago

Ask your self these few questions:
1. Is it necessary you meet with someone with the same type blood type?

2. Is there any negative side effect if you meet with someone who has another blood type?

If these two questions are No, then you shouldn't even have such a mindset, because the person who will treat you with the best love you could ever get here on earth could just be someone with another blood type entirely, so let love rule your heart rather than blood type....

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Aravi723 days ago

Hi @my_asylum

O negative means

1) Person don't have A or B type protein in his blood.

2) He don't have RH in his blood.

The genetic combination required for o negative have less chance


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my_asylum720 days ago


I appreciate your answer but its not that someone who doesn't have O- blood is not a good match? its because people who are O- have
some traits other people don't, very difficult to explain but were a little different and when I ve tried to explain to others in the past I get a look
like they think I'm off my meds or been watching too many Sci-fi
when the reality of it is far more "real" then you could imagine, and its the best kept public secret
google people with type O- negative blood or go to youtube, although you'll have to use your own judgement to cut through the bullshit videos
people like to post for whatever reason on there.

after you do that then you'll know why I want to meet another O-, we're very hard to find since we only make up 7% of the entire worlds population, check it out especially the traits we all seem to share? and that part is very true, its also very strange but true non the less.

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brendaniel720 days ago

@my_asylum I understand you, but since your blood type makes up only about 7% of the world's population then the possibilities of meeting someone like you will be very low, this 7% will be scattered all over the world, and even if you get to see someone, then there will be lots of other things to still look at which are:

1. You may love the person, the person may not love you or vice versa.

2. You may find the person in another continent which would be a distance relationship.

3. Your ideology may not be the same.

I feel you shouldn't bother yourself about this issue so much because at the end we are all human beings, whether O or SS, everyone has strength and weaknesses, we are all here to make positive impact to each others lives, the greatest of men in the world are from various blood types and not a specific one, everyone is unique in his or her own way, no one ever chose his blood type when coming to this world, so I don't think we should choose the blood type we should love, what you should be more concerned is the impact you are gonna make in the world with your blood type, if you have special traits, why not think of using it to impact those around you positively,

Just think of this : if I have gold and I say I want to meet with only those who have gold and get only people who can produce gold and I don't use the gold I have to better the lives of those who don't have even if its just one person who doesn't have, am I not been selfish?

Find someone that will add value to your life, what if you get to see your blood type who is a serial killer and very uncoordinated, would you go ahead to be with that person?

My point is for you to focus more on love, search for love find it and never let it go, if you happen to find someone who is your blood type, it's good but don't be carried away by that, let it be based on love, if you don't happen to find someone who is your blood type let love still lead you. But don't make it a headache looking for your blood type...

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hiflyer719 days ago


only 1 in 3 people have O+ blood.
only 1 in 15 have O - blood

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nuklin717 days ago

Because it's recessive in most cases and as such can't be dominant as to match.

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Aravi717 days ago

Hi @my_asylum

Try this sites,

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