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Do you believe in love at first sight? Reward $2
Created by Lisaly, 1384 days ago, 2834 views

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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wendra1384 days ago

Yes, because it happened to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have believed it since it seems silly. LOL

My heart was trying to override my head. I kept thinking, "No! You can't fall in love so soon. It can't be true love." After 3 days, I finally gave in. It was the best thing I could have done! He & I are very happy together still, even after 14 years.

It's not for everyone & I'm not endorsing this way of falling in love, however, you won't always win over your heart. Hopefully, your heart will choose the best person for you. We definitely need more love in the world to try to make it a better place. Good luck.

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sinquefieldr1384 days ago

Yes I do. Love is an emotion that each and everyone has. I believe that we all have a true love. Most people are afraid to let an emotion such as love make such an important choich for them. But if you allow your heart, soul and mind to make the choice for you by listening to the signs that emit from your heart, a person will find and see their "true love". A lot of people base their decision on physical attraction and lust, but the heart knows what love is. Some people settle, that is one reason for alot of divorces. But a person needs to take their time and listen to their heart, soul and deep inner emotions. Nothing is perfect in this world, but I truely believe in love at first sight. Don't confuse love with lust or physical attraction, just follow your true, heart felt feelings and you will find that one special person. It can take time, but the wait is well worth it knowing your spouse is your best friend, companion, lover and that one special person that puts your needs above there own and vice versa. I hope I explained it well enough.

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Rasofficial1384 days ago's one of the cute memory happen for Love... love at first sight is so cool I believe ...cuz you mind frequency attract that person's mind frequency ..why it's happen...

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Micah1384 days ago

NO!!! to me Love is far more complex, but so easy to misunderstand it, Love at first sight is delusional, i have many experience similar to it. my first girlfriend, i thought it was love at first sight, but it was more of a liking certain thing to a degree. Not love, the way she shock my hands with her tiny hands in my palm, and she looked at me and smile. I felt a certain calmness in my heart. and i have always wonder did she felt the same way i did? it was not love, i was more liking to her body and the closeness enforced that feeling even farther, making me think i was in love. i would like to believe she did not feel the way i did, and for that reason i consider it to be an intriguing encounter rather then love.

The appearance of someone's body can force the brain into this mode, depending on how close that person is to your body.we all have a natural mating instant like every animal, sometime we see a good fit, and our brain trigger this without any warning. It is not love. Love to me is when someone knows your flaws, knows who you are and accept all of you. When someone choose to be with you no matter what. Because that person understand exactly who you are, the action of them accepting you unconditionally is love.Take for an example, if you smell certain food from a distance, you love the smell so bad to a point where you have to taste it. Upon tasking it, your thought on the food change, you no longer feel the same way, because your expectations where all false. next time you smell that same food you know exactly what it is, now you have interest in it. but what if it was the other way around. lets say you see this food, but you had no interest in tasting it. But upon tasting it, you love it. which one of these two will have a lasting effect?

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Icuska1384 days ago

Én nem hiszek a szerelemben első látásra. Olyan létezik hogy meg látom és azt mondom jól néz ki,de a szerelem másról szól.

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Lisaly1383 days ago


Well, I totally agree that heart knows what love is. thanks.

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Lisaly1383 days ago


thanks for your sharing, so sweet and wonderful!

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Lisaly1383 days ago


Yes, most of us find that it is hard to fall in love at first sight. Haven't we encountered the right person? who knows?

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aleksey641383 days ago

странный вопрос,видимо незрелого,молодого человека-можно дать аналогичный вопросу ответ:на первый взгляд-да.верю.

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voineaadi1383 days ago


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Michke1383 days ago

Yes, but it's all about that second sight that is not what you've expected! Just like they say... "To good to be true" Like a fairytale! But It Can! Yes! Like winning the Lottery! It Can 1/1000.. :) First sight is more because "Love" makes people "blind to see" what's really inside! Can be a good person but also can be a false, bad person! That's what your second sight is telling you! ;)

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vickyph841383 days ago

yes i believe in it when i first met my husband i knew he was going to be my husband and we been married going on 6 yrs now and we have 2 boys now.

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mthapit1383 days ago

yes... once you might your soul mate you will be in love with...

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tppackage11383 days ago


No it takes time to get to know who you dealing with. Looks are not everthing.

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Aravi1383 days ago

Hi @Lisaly

Science say 2 interesting fact about human brain. It have tendency to predict future and feel it as Hunches. It is called as esp power.

Eg: Sometimes you have experienced your self like unrest feeling that so.thing going to happen to someone. Correct Prediction of person ringing bell without seeing him. Who was not expected.

Love is a very special feeling that stimulate brain parts to work better which was least used in a person's life span.

People who fall in love by seeing his or her life partner is use to strongly feel the feeling of love. The brain clearly tell that it is your partner.

The problem in this situation is that many tends to confuse the difference between brain message and false message due to hormonal activity.

Many modern scientific proof support the love at first site.

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Micah1383 days ago

I do not remember saying that people are food.

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ravinskij11382 days ago

Ученые считают, что светлое чувство действительно возникает буквально за доли секунды. Специалисты провели эксперимент, исследуя реакции мозга у добровольцев при помощи суперсовременных приборов. Измерения показали, что происходит с организмом, когда между людьми появляется любовь.

Через одну пятую часть секунды после зрительного контакта в сильнейшее возбуждение приходят сразу 12 отделов мозга. В кровь выбрасывается несколько разных гормонов, что нарушает нормальную деятельность нервной системы. И все – на планете стало еще на одного влюбленного больше. Но почему так происходит? Откуда же все-таки берется та самая искра? На этот счет существует несколько версий.

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Aravi1382 days ago

@Lisaly I will like to translate @ravinskij1 answer for you

Scientists believe that there is a light feeling really just a fraction of a second. Specialists conducted an experiment exploring the brain's response in the volunteers with the help of cutting-edge devices. Measurements have shown that happens to the body when there is love between people.

Through one-fifth of a second after the eye contact in a highly excited come once 12 parts of the brain. As blood is thrown out a number of different hormones that disrupts normal activity of the nervous system. And yet - the world was still in love for one more. But why is this happening? Where are all the same taken that same spark? On this account, there are several versions.

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Aravi1382 days ago

Hi @ravinskij1 that is a good answer bro !!!

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Spurlot1382 days ago

Yes ! It has happened to me twice. I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 20. We dated 3 years ( while I was still in school) then we were married for almost 30 years. He passed away almost 3 years again. I am now dating someone that I fell in love with the first time I saw him.

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serezha1382 days ago

No one can say Yes or No! Everyone has his/her own experience! But the true thing is that LOVE is the best feeling in the world!!!

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Bobby_Glenn1381 days ago

Yes. I met my wife on first date and marrier six months later

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kolobotchec19811355 days ago

Я верю, в моей жизни была любовь с первого взгляда!

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sweetlysue1355 days ago

No. Real love takes time to get to know each other. To see that person through both good & bad times. Love at first sight is usually infatuation and not love.

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