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WiseCleaner, CCleaner or IObit? Reward $2
Created by yoursong, 722 days ago, 4057 views

Which is the best?
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igor722 days ago

I recommend to install and use all three.

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gregory2016722 days ago


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heywilliam722 days ago

I have used these three software, and finally I chose the WiseCleaner.

1.WiseCleaner scanning speed is very fast, it is said to be the fastest in the world of similar software
2.WiseCleaner is more simple and convenient to use, easy to operate
3 The two other software is also not bad, but I still recommend to you WiseCleaner

Thank you for giving me a chance to answer this question
and it's my first time to do things like this ,especially on my birthday,haha
and I enjoy it very much

I will appreciate you more if I can get the rewardO(∩_∩)O~~

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kevin1997862721 days ago


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ha14721 days ago


all there are different programs and different algoritms, in their free versions wisecleaner and iobit will not detect every issues
ccleaner is a freeware so you ger use all the functionalities without restrictions
you can use ccenhaner at your own risks

perhaps in their free version wisecleaner and iobit are safer for you to use, you can stick with wisecleaner, but you can also get the message some items needs to be cleaned manually in this case run ccleaner or iobit afterwards. In all cases create a restore point.

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sergei100721 days ago

cliner быстрый уход

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voineaadi721 days ago

All of them are good in their own way. The best possible use of maintenance software will ultimately be a combination of various software that will end up working great together. For example, in my case, I am running Windows 10, and I own the following programs, that give PERFECT results to me:

1.) Ashampoo Winoptimizer 14
2.) AVG PC TuneUP
3.) Iolo System Mechanic
4.) WiseCare 365
5.) Privazer
6.) Advanced SystemCare

They all perform different functions, but together, at least for my case, they perform miracles!

And for other tuning, maybe for gaming or for general PC speedup I am using:
1.) Razer Cortex
2.) Mz CPU Accelerator
3.) Ashampoo Core Tuner 2
4.) ThrottleStop
5.) nvInspector ( if you use an nVidia video card )

For malware cleaning and security:

1.) adwcleaner
2.) Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
3.) Spybot-S&D

And, the last but not least, Microsoft has given us some wonderful maintenance gifts already included in the operating system itself:

1.) Defragment and optimize - for HDD and SSD alike
2.) Control Panel - Security And Maintenance - Maintenance - Start Maintenance
3.) Open Command Prompt as Administrator and run: sfc /scannow
4.) Open Command Prompt as Administrator and run: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

It might seem like an overkill, but I actually use all of them with regularity, and my computer ( which is a laptop, by the way ) runs at top shape. I hope you can get some inspiration about what it means to have a computer running at peak capacity everyday.

Happy computing!


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wwgea1893721 days ago

I'm using : first CCleaner
after Wisecleaner
and my pc is cleaned

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kidcrowd721 days ago

I use CCleaner and wise care 365. Never heard of iobit.

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nihal29721 days ago

Wisecare 365 for sure , small and doesn't require installation just unzip . All in one tool . Free for every one .
Fast and simple to operate. REGARDS

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yoursong721 days ago

Thanks for your suggestion. But I found CCleaner also has pro version.

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yoursong721 days ago

Too many programs maybe make my computer slower.

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yoursong721 days ago


Thank you for your suggestion, very detailed.

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yoursong721 days ago


Which program do you always run in the background?

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aliasadullah721 days ago

wise cleaner

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ha14721 days ago


yes it exists even the professional version of ccleaner
all 3 mentioned applications have their shareware version for ultra cleaning and optimization depending thier algorithm and database

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Rasofficial721 days ago

I having experience using all of this you ask for... But Personally I recommend you Wise Cleaner ... it's rocks simply what others doesn't

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igor720 days ago

These programs supplement each other. It is impossible to choose one of them. There is no universal program therefore it is necessary to use set of several programs.

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voineaadi720 days ago

@yoursong All of the ones that I mentioned. They each fulfill different functions.

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nvchien720 days ago

WiseCare 365

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Michke720 days ago

WiseCleaner off course! I've tried all 3!

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Aravi719 days ago

Hi @yoursong

Wise 365 can do more deep cleaning.

Ccleaner very good but in shallow level.

Iobit, sorry I got a bad exp, I crashed my computer previously. Too many background bundled programs.


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clive7513719 days ago

wise cleaner all the way more advanced features

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lilcat69719 days ago

I believe that wisecleaner is better. It cleans out your system way better by far. I have tried them all so believe me.

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fbiano718 days ago

todos sa bons

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ckoch718 days ago

I use wisecare and system mechanic together. I tried cc cleaner as well not the other one. But cc cleaner erased stuff I didn't want erased. I have nothing but good things to say about wisecare. Nothing weird going on.

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chandois717 days ago


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Bobby_Glenn717 days ago

Amazing Grace

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Bobby_Glenn717 days ago

Wise Cleaner

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SweetRamblings7717 days ago

I use CC Cleaner, it works.

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mischief_no1717 days ago

none of them

you can get Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2016 for free here -

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kinzy2004717 days ago

well to me all of them has its own way for cleaning system ccleaner cares for privacy and history and temp in the internet temp directories Wise cleaner cares for cashed setup files left over after update and history of internet temp as well as ability to delete wallpapers of system or unused language setup files , iobit scans deep and remove empty folder and directories and temp files as well my advice use iobit along with wisecleaner

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krishan717 days ago

I like wise cleaner than others

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timbroon717 days ago

Wise cleaner is the best

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plc717 days ago

secondo me nn c'è un migliore o un peggiore dipende da te cioè iscriviti dove hai più persone amiche poi il resto nn conta

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naprah716 days ago

I use all 3 of them, they are very good cleaners.

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chernom0r716 days ago

Wise Care 365 Best Choice! CCleaner also very good usefull software. With IObit meets in some doubtfull situations- have examples not enough good work for maintance and perfomance.

So main recommendation from me -Wise Care 365. (have more better configured functionality and quality of job preventing and deleting many kinds of problems in OS) Also I USE Reg Organiser for some purposes - especially for Registry manual and AUTO correcting.

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jerry45716 days ago

Wise cleaner. it cleans it up more significantly

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GenaLev716 days ago

Kerish Doctor 2016 Reg Organizer Wise Care 365 Zemana AntiMalware вот эти программы заслуживают внимания и их практически хватает для обслуживания компа

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Aleks111716 days ago

Все эти программы хороши и у каждой свои функции.... Я использую их все периодически, уже очень долго и доволен каждой программой....

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zachary715 days ago

i love it too much is the best

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aniawa714 days ago

I also recommend Wise Cleaner. BUT don't just buy Wise Cleaner. For just a few dollars more you can buy Wise Care 365. It does so much more. Wisecare 365 have PCCleanup, Force Deleter, Auto Shutdown, Data Recovery, Fast Search, Program Uninstaller, privacy Protector, just to name a few of it's programs. I bought mine on Ebay (1 yr, 3 computers) for $22. Recently, I saw 1yr, 1 computer for $21 and a 1 computer/forever license for $46. I have NEVER seen any program work so fast. It's like watching a jet take off a prop planes (other software) trying to catch up).

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Danyil703 days ago

cc cleaner

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