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Why do people start smoking? Reward $2
Created by claire, 781 days ago, 1499 views

Do you know the reason why people start smoking?
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brendaniel781 days ago

@claire their are so many reasons, but I will list a few of them here

1. Social Integration
Smoking is a social habit. When others around you are smoking, you practically feel like you should be doing the same. In a way, it’s a bonding activity that makes it easier to talk with others who are smoking. Many people consider themselves “social smokers,” but over time they will begin to smoke cigarettes outside of social events.

2. They’re Mirroring Others

As a young adult, it’s natural to look up to others. It’s also natural to mirror their actions. Sometimes, that means wearing the same style of clothing. Other times, it means smoking cigarettes. This is one of the main reasons young people start smoking. They see adults doing it, like parents, uncles and so on Plus, they see the celebrities they adore doing it. Mirroring these people is often the catalyst to the habit. Its on Tv , Movies etc. So why shouldn’t they want to be like their celebrities.

3. Peer Pressure
When a person’s peers smoke cigarettes, he is more likely to begin smoking. Though peer pressure is most common amongst young people, it also affects adults. Most people have a natural tendency to conform. If their friends smoke, they often smoke (or they find new friends). Oddly, this happens despite the knowledge of the damage that results from smoking. The fear of being labeled the “black sheep” of a group often proves strong enough to move us to sacrifice our long-term health.

4. Experimental Adventure
As teen mostly , the spirit of adventure and experiments flow deeply especially when something is forbidden they would loved to dare the consequences and feel good with it especially when not caught in the act. This relates to cigarettes too.

5. To look and Feel Cool
If their friends or peers smoke, they may feel pressured into doing the same to be accepted. Most of the teenagers think that smoking is ‘cool’ and a fun thing to do. One more reason to it is that if they have been in an environment where smokers have been there, for instance, their parents, they tend to get curious about that 84mm long stick. As they grow up and become independent, they try smoking, which eventually leads to addiction.

6. For the Love of it
Finally, there are people who say they'd love to start smoking It'll make them feel good

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. But people actually don’t feel like quitting it as they prefer lighting a cigarette, than lighting up their lives.

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Logicz1hunid781 days ago

Hey @claire there are a lot reasons for someone to want to beginning smoking as stated in the first response, but one of the main and most common reason is for warmth. Most of the smokers that I know personally are either fishermen or works in very cold environments and as a result resort to smoking as a source of warmth when in such environments. However, in most cases they continue smoking even when they are not in such environments and as a result their children and other persons around them often pick up the habit.

But there are other persons that just start doing it for fun and other related reasons not caring about the harmful effects it may have on them.

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Aravi781 days ago

Hi @claire

1) Interest took place in earlier childhood watching films, etc. Child use to miss-understand smoking is heroism watching their role modal to smoke.

2) At teenage some people start to smoke due to peer group encouragement.

3) Started as an experiment or as adventures and start to take pleasure to smoke.

4) Misunderstand that smoking as cool thing, in teenage.

5) Long term explorer to smoking friends. When passive smoker who is not irradiated to smoke smell and use to sit near friends, they too use to indirectly smoke and get addicted to its smell. This passive smoker get addicted to smoking indirectly and start to smoke.

6) Family background of smoking. If in a family, parents are smoker, a child who falls into the category of passive smoker tends to become a smoker.

7) Cultural background, some community like in Red Indians it is bounded to their culture.

8) THE MOST IMPORTANT MAIN REASON IS "NICOTINE ADDITION". All the above 7 said reason are only how the environment starts smoking habit. But Nicotine is the major reason that causes smoking habit.

Nicotine is a additive drug that causes mood-altering changes in the brain which are temporarily pleasing, making people want to use it more and more. When a person is addicted to nicotine they have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which temporarily go away when they receive the nicotine through smoking tobacco.


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Rugratzz781 days ago

I started I think because my mom smoked since I was in her whomb I could have completely avoided smoking but it was always around, I started picking up butts out of ash-trays outside of stores (I would lag behind my mom or dad or both and sort of mozy over and snag as many of the biggest ones as I could find, finally after several thousand attempts at thwarting my and my brothers smoking my parents decided they would rather buy us cigs if we were just going to smoke god knows who's butts instead) its something you have to do for long enough to get addicted to because it was in no way enjoryable other than the fact that mabe I was doing something wrong? IT BOILS DOWN TO CURIOSITY, THE ASPIRATION TO BE AND LOOK COOL KEPT ME GOING AND THE CHEMICHAL ADDICTION GOT STRONG ENOUGH IN MY BRAIN WHERE SMOKING IS MORE OF A CHORE THAN AN ACTIVITY@claire

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Rasofficial779 days ago

people start to smoking for several reason , like after break up, or a sad shock or sad matter sometimes to forget something ,some times starting smoking related with friends .. but trully smoking is useless if you smoke cigarette

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capybara778 days ago

I believe it is large part due to HUGE advertising campaigns to all age groups and sectors.
Also, don't forget that in WWII, big tobacco companies supplied "free" cigs to troops as part of their rations.
They knew that they were breeding an entire generation of nicotine addicts, who found out upon their return that cigs were'nt free.

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serezha777 days ago

Hi! It's because of bad influence of other people (relatives at first, for me it was my father and elder brother) and because that person thinks he can find the easiest way to feel himself in safe (like in childhood near his mom).
I found the way to break up with that habit - you must understand that you live only once and your life is the most precious thing which you was gifted - save it!!!!
Good luck!

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igor777 days ago

The desire to imitate adults.

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starparticle776 days ago


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jerry45775 days ago

When I was nine years old and learned about sex and things some parents don't want their children to see,I started smoking King Edwards,Swisher Sweets, and pot.

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maren774 days ago

Poor character.

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Icuska774 days ago

Igen egyetértek az előttem szólóval.Én igaz dohányzom nagyon szeretnék leszokni róla.Ezért én is gyenge jellemnek tartom magam.Pedig csak egy elhatározás kérdése az egész.

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