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What is the purpose of making computer virus? Reward $2
Created by walcott, 1429 days ago, 1848 views

What is the purpose of making computer virus?
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brendaniel1429 days ago

There are thousands and thousands of different viruses and malware on the Internet today. So, you may be asking, why do people create viruses and malware?
There are three primary reasons why they create them:

1. To make money.
2. To steal account information.
3. To cause problems and trouble for others.
Making money

Lots of viruses, malware, and spyware found on computers do not harm the computer all that much, other than slow it down. This malware is designed to capture information about the computer user and send it to the person or company responsible for making the malware. The information they collect is then used to target advertisements to your computer that you may be interested in viewing. These ads come in the form of e-mails and pop-ups on your computer.
If enough computers get infected they can earn money from all the ads displayed. The more ads they send out, the more chances they have of getting people to buy something or visit the advertiser. Sometimes, all it takes is one virus or malware program to generate hundreds, or even thousands, of ads on your computer.
Stealing account information

Online games and virtual goods have real life value attached to them and malware is created to steal online account information associated with online games. Using this type of malware, a person could gain access to a victim's account and then steal their virtual goods and currency. They could even sell their ill-gotten virtual goods to other players for real money.
Causing problems and trouble

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those people that create viruses and malware because they can. They enjoy causing trouble, seeing computer users get annoyed and have to fix their computer. Some malware can crash an entire network system and cause system outages for large companies, like banks or production companies.
In the end, it is the thrill of seeing the havoc and chaos they can create that drives them to create more viruses and malware.
What can you do?

Your best defense against malware and spyware is to keep your computer updated. You should make sure you have up-to-date antivirus and anti-spyware/malware software installed on your computer. Additionally, always be cautious of e-mail attachments, even if it is from someone you know.

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Aravi1429 days ago

Hi @walcott

computer virus is a self replica program that preforms certain action in computer that is unwanted by computer owner.

History: -

The first academic work on the theory of self-replicating computer programs was done in 1949 by John von Neumann who gave lectures at the University of Illinois about the "Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata". The work of von Neumann was later published as the "Theory of self-reproducing automata". In his essay von Neumann described how a computer program could be designed to reproduce itself. Von Neumann's design for a self-reproducing computer program is considered the world's first computer virus, and he is considered to be the theoretical "father" of computer virology.

In 1972, Veith Risak, directly building on von Neumann's work on self-replication, published his article "Selbstreproduzierende Automaten mit minimaler Informationsübertragung" (Self-reproducing automata with minimal information exchange). The article describes a fully functional virus written in assembler programming language for a SIEMENS 4004/35 computer system. In 1980 Jürgen Kraus wrote his diplom thesis "Selbstreproduktion bei Programmen" (Self-reproduction of programs) at the University of Dortmund. In his work Kraus postulated that computer programs can behave in a way similar to biological viruses.


1) Forced distributed computing, this is a very old reason and least used in today's world. In earlier days where the computational power are not much great, scientist uses it to achive high computation calculation in a distributional system environment. It was not Illegal as the operation was preformed within their system. But the program was a self replication code called virus.

2) Digital war between countries. It is a part of cold war activities which is active till date. This is the first step that makes virus transform into attacker code.

3) Malware marking techniques that causes to install unwanted tool that creates havoc in computer. It is mostly done by some bad reputed company to achieve some goal for some financial benefits. These benefits are achieved from number of installation of software, number of visitor of a website, etc.

4) Now days injunction of Potential Unwanted Software or backdoor is very famous. This allow the attacker to trigger installation of software for he markets in web. Just to show number of installation and earn money.

5) virus codes written by data security students which get leaked due to mistakes / released for fun.

6) To steel your personal information, money, etc. Or to steel your company information and secrets.

7) To spy on you. There are certain tool that are free and open source are available in market. They help you to monitory your activities. These can be easily used by from Government intelligence agency to your mom / wife. Today spyware are mostly used by civilians to monitor their own children activity, husband/wife, employees.


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cain1428 days ago

Some people in retaliation for the government, but more is to profiteer

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ha141428 days ago

to lower OS reputation, to show its flaws, Some people use their expertise to make a computer virus to blackmail others

to penetrate military infrastructures and control its nuclear arsenal

When dealing with the computer experts that commit cybercrime, sometimes their motives have more to do with themselves than any physical result. Funnily enough, many times cyber attacks of this nature are not intended to cause any damage, but the result can be disastrous. Some examples include:
•Showing off – Usually a cybercrime of the inexperienced, some viruses are created to prove that its creator is smart enough, bold enough, or capable enough to do the deed.
•Proving a point – Sometimes a computer expert will create a virus to prove that a certain process will work, or that a certain network can be penetrated, or that certain antivirus software is effective. This is often a reason given by academics who try to prove their points by actions instead of by theories.
•Fame – Some cybercriminals want to be known for being the person who damaged thousands of computers.
•Revenge – Often social outcasts, some cybercriminals want to exact revenge on a public they thing has been the cause of their misery by creating viruses.

Why do People Create Computer Viruses?

sometime to fun like Prank Viruses (TeraBIT Virus Maker) do-it-yourself kit

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hillman1427 days ago

Basically three goal of computer viruses is
-Direct Extortion
- The theft of financial data (passwords from purses, credit card numbers, etc.)
- Using your computer's resources to sell

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kimwb19721426 days ago

I Honestly think some do it for the pure enjoyment to create chaos and in general annoy people

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igor1424 days ago

Some people can do mucks. They have from it satisfaction, as from sex.

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jerry451423 days ago

Just to fuck with you and make money.

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my_asylum1422 days ago

The majority of viruses that all of a sudden pop up on your screen with a web address or a phone # to call are trying to do one thing.
and if you ever noticed or wondered how in the hell did this website know you had a virus in the first place or who the hell gave them the ok
to scan your computer without asking? well that's very simple, did you ever notice that they seem to have the fix for this virus that just appeared
on your screen? that's the whole point of most viruses now is so they can sell you the cure for your new cyber cold.
how convenient is that. I even thought about taking some basic C++ classes just to learn how to write my own and send them back with a
little surprise attached to it.........I'm still thinking about it.

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