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Guide through settings ? Reward $2
Created by woodland1954, 358 days ago, 545 views

Hi kid -
I saw the little wrench in the upper corner, is that where you mean ? I keep pressing the " select all " mode, but it doesn't seem to work any better than the other modes below in the left side. I think I'm finally getting rid of most of the garbage in my PC, - I might not answer back this week. Starting Monday, I'm having movers & packers here to move on the 27th, so bare with me if I don't answer, OK ?
Thanks kids
Moving to other side of city with health issues ( getting old is a pain - like a roller coaster, once you hit 50, it's all downhill !
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ckoch358 days ago

no offense but what are you talking about

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Aravi357 days ago

Hi Mr./ Mrs. @woodland1954

I guess you are talking about Wise 365. In certain places like in Register cleaner it is kept disabled by default.

First, you have to press on scan. After you complete scanning, it will allow you to select all or recommended or select none.

Sir or madam Happy journey , I hope your home shifting work get finished and take care.


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