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Mi a legjobb vírus írtó ingyenesen. Reward $2
Created by Icuska, 456 days ago, 1772 views

A kérdésem az lenne tudom van nagyon sok vírus írtó.Melyik a legjobb ingyenesen.

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Aravi455 days ago

Hi @Icuska

I will like to answer you same my previous best answer.

Heuristics-based detection: malwarebytes

Behavioral detection : Bitdefender or Avast

Signature-based detection : Bitdefender or AVG


What is Heuristics-based detection / Behavioral detection /Signature-based detection /Cloud-based detection:-

The category of virus detection is divided into 4 wider categories. Each categories are strong in their own technique and may not detect virus that dose don't fall in its category for detection:-

Signature-based detection uses key aspects of an examined file to create a static fingerprint of known malware. The signature could represent a series of bytes in the file. It could also be a cryptographic hash of the file or its sections. This method of detecting malware has been an essential aspect of antivirus tools since their inception; it remains a part of many tools to date, though its importance is diminishing. A major limitation of signature-based detection is that, by itself, this method is unable to flag malicious files for which signatures have not yet been developed. With this in mind, modern attackers frequently mutate their creations to retain malicious functionality by changing the file’s signature.

Heuristics-based detection aims at generically detecting new malware by statically examining files for suspicious characteristics without an exact signature match. For instance, an antivirus tool might look for the presence of rare instructions or junk code in the examined file. The tool might also emulate running the file to see what it would do if executed, attempting to do this without noticeably slowing down the system. A single suspicious attribute might not be enough to flag the file as malicious. However, several such characteristics might exceed the expected risk threshold, leading the tool to classify the file as malware. The biggest downside of heuristics is it can inadvertently flag legitimate files as malicious.

Behavioral detection observes how the program executes, rather than merely emulating its execution. This approach attempts to identify malware by looking for suspicious behaviors, such as unpacking of malcode, modifying the hosts file or observing keystrokes. Noticing such actions allows an antivirus tool to detect the presence of previously unseen malware on the protected system. As with heuristics, each of these actions by itself might not be sufficient to classify the program as malware. However, taken together, they could be indicative of a malicious program. The use of behavioral techniques brings antivirus tools closer to the category of host intrusion prevention systems (HIPS), which have traditionally existed as a separate product category.

Cloud-based detection identifies malware by collecting data from protected computers while analyzing it on the provider’s infrastructure, instead of performing the analysis locally. This is usually done by capturing the relevant details about the file and the context of its execution on the endpoint, and providing them to the cloud engine for processing. The local antivirus agent only needs to perform minimal processing. Moreover, the vendor’s cloud engine can derive patterns related to malware characteristics and behavior by correlating data from multiple systems. In contrast, other antivirus components base decisions mostly on locally observed attributes and behaviors. A cloud-based engine allows individual users of the antivirus tool to benefit from the experiences of other members of the community.


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wim456 days ago

A Sophos hazai kiadás a legjobb ingyenes víruskereső. Próbálja ki elhinni azt.

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csa_k455 days ago

Eddig esküdni mertem volna az ESE-re, ami ugyan nem ingyenes, de az interneten, Facebook-on, rengeteg helyen össze lehet szedni minimum 3 hónapos, de legalább féléves érvényességű regisztrációs kulcsokat, de azt folyamatosan.
Ma viszont már az a véleményem, hogy a Microsoft saját vírusírtója - Windows Defender - semmivel sem rosszabb!

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csa_k455 days ago

Mármint ESET - elírtam, de nem enged se javítani, se törölni (Üdv: Katalin)

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Icuska454 days ago

Nagyon szépen köszönöm a válaszokat,és segitséget mindenkinek.
Üdvözlettel: Icuska

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igor454 days ago

Free antivirus 360 Total Security One solution to secure and optimize your PC.

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Aravi446 days ago

Hi @Icuska

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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