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Created by Questionary, 1589 days ago, 1953 views

What's the best, gym or workout??

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Aravi1589 days ago

Hi @Questionary

First of all thanks for this great question.

If you want to avoid excess body stress, workout is the best choice for life time. Gym is good option esp when you want to make or reduce your body for shorter period of time like for 6 months to 1 years. So, if you want to make or reduce some body and maintain it, you will gym for short time first until you obtain what you want. Later you will follow permanent workout schedule to maintain it.

This is also good to be less gym savvy. Because:

1) If you are a regular gym, you have to follow the gym diet strictly.

2) You should have supplements as well as food intake according to the level of activity you involved in. Protein intake should be also high. The exercise schedule vs rest schedule should also be planed wisely.

3) Advance level body builder also need to take proper doctor advise and certified diet experts.

4) Should have good time to properly maintain their body.

I short, people who can obtain cost and have more time for regular body care according to the gym activity can do regular gym. If a person have irregular time or lack of interest or money for gym, can do moderate workout or light gym activity to avoid damage to body. Workout is better to avoid permanent damage by doing gym without proper care.


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Questionary1589 days ago

I think workout is the best choise, 'cause of it's less damage to the body during the training and the longer effect of muscle during your life, also it's more easy to support body form.

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pustoi111589 days ago

it all depends on the intensity of training. the difference is that in the hall there are special exercise equipment to increase the volume and force, selectively, groups of muscles. in other words, more variety of simulators. if, on the whole, your proportion of muscle mass, you are happy, and the task, only to reduce the weight by reducing the amount of your fat. as well as support in good shape, your health and stamina. strengthening the muscular frame. exercise in the fresh air, is much more useful than a workout in the gym. significantly increase the volume of selected muscles (for example, the upper part of the pectoral muscle, or vice versa), the effectiveness of employment with heavy exercise equipment in the gym, knows any athlete, muscles only grow from the heavy lifting.

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