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What is the most precise antivirus program for Windows? Reward $2
Created by Chris_is_Praise, 726 days ago, 1070 views

Well, I know I have an antivirus program, Avast! Antivirus. But somehow, I still think if there are more programs that can detect much more virus than this. If there is, what is it? I want an antivirus program that detects the most virus in the local hard disk. About features, maybe real-time-protection is enough.
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ha14726 days ago

there are free and paid antivirus. The three best free Antivirus programs (Avira, AVG, and Avast)
some ^paid antivirus are comparable the following tests can help you to determine the best for you.

The best antivirus software for Windows Home User
1) Bitdefender Internet Security 2016
2) Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2017
3) Trend Micro Internet Security 2017

Independent Tests of Antivirus Software
1) Kaspersky

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bravomodels726 days ago

My best experience is with AVAST

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RdamGuy726 days ago

I had the same problem.My anti-virusprogram that is running on my pc is also AVAST. Than i found out that this program does not detect all virusses and malware. I found an other program called: Panda Cloud Cleaner. You can download it foor free from the net and install it. After this you must run the program, it will take about 25 to 35 minutes, depending what the of your HD or other drive is.
It search an find all the virusses and malware that AVAST connot en after this yoou can command it to delete these things.
I use it myself foor sometime now en let het run once a week and it works perfectly for me.

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vickyph84726 days ago

webroot secure anywhere has been working good for me i have windows 7

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elliott2k726 days ago

I would recommend AVG (free) as the best set-and-forget anti-virus. It does an excellent job of staying upto date with current signatures while maintaining the highest detection rate of modern payloads in 2016.

I personally use COMODO Internet Security (anti-virus, firewall, HIPS, and more). It’s also free and it allows you to fine-tune it to your security preferences.

I’ve heard great things about ESET NOD32; it doesn’t have a free version but it’s lightweight and very secure. Whatever you use just remember to stay away from shady websites/files and use Malwarebytes as an additional layer of security.

PS: My recommendations are for Windows. AVG does make a free version for Mac as well.

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Aravi726 days ago

Hi @Chris_is_Praise

I will suggest you Bitdefender or AVAST for real time security and Malware byte for heuristic based search and removal of malware/virus.

The inbuilt firewall in Bitdefender / AVAST can tackle any web traffic treat.

AVAST comes with own built in browser for more security.


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mikhail092726 days ago


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gegefit725 days ago

eset_nod32, é uns dos melhores anti vírus, spy ware, malware, alem de trojans, entre outros, ele monitora em tempo real e te auxilia em tarefas de limpeza de cache, alem de proteção web, bloqueando sites maliciosos e de hacks tenta invadir a traveis de biscoitos, etc.

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Chris_is_Praise725 days ago

@gegefit Vou dar o eset_nod32 uma tentativa.

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Chris_is_Praise725 days ago

@ha14 Thanks for the links, I'll try to read them deeply to find out if this can answer my question.

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Chris_is_Praise725 days ago

@bravomodels I know Avast looks good and reliable. But look, there're some people says other antivirus program scanned malware or viruses that Avast can't scan. I'm trying to find the one that can detect almost all malware or viruses in a local hard disk, so if you find one, please reply here. Other than that, thank you for your answer.

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Chris_is_Praise725 days ago

@RdamGuy Thank you for the recommendations and the advice.

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wim725 days ago

Check out this website and good luck.

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sinquefieldr722 days ago

Personally I use Bitdefender. It has all the bells and whistles and works in real time and when your computer is in sleep mode My lovely wife has AVAST because she does not like change. But she is always getting a virus, while I am not. We visit the majority of the same sites, but I have not had a single issue since getting Bitdefender 5 years ago. A few months ago she spent $200.00 at Best Buy to have her PC cleaned of a virus. Neeedless to say, she allowed me to install Bitdefender and she has NOT had any issues. Bitdefender is well worth the price, which is on sale now. It's worth paying full price for a peace of mind and the safety Bitdefender offers. Check it out, they have a free edition which is very good, but the one you purchase is far better.

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zrodfects722 days ago

Technically there is no precise anti virus software, viruses come and go day in and day out, and not just one or two, hundreds, most virus programs are upto date of time of development, this does not mean the day you get it or even the day it is released, by the time distribution gets on the way, it is already behind, this is why there are so many versions of each software because of how many updates they get. just because you buy the latest software that was released today you still prone to getting attacked, if your going to get attacked then your going to get attacked, simple as that, this all boils down to how long your on your computer and and online visiting however many websites, some that link you to places you blinked and missed.

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GenaLev717 days ago

Zemana AntiMalware

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my_asylum717 days ago

Try this one if you get the chance? SUPERANTI-SPYWARE free edition. go to and download it, its free after all what do you have too loose? I won't say anything about it so you can make your own judgement and I won't sound like a used car salesman

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Ujjwal619641 days ago

I would say that if you want to go for paid version and all you need is real time protection then I'd list them in priority order:
1.Bitddefender Total Security
2. Kaspersky Internet Security
3. Malwarebytes Antimalware
These 3 antivirus are superb in detecting most of the threats and you need not to worry about virus after installing these paid softwares(only one antivirus should be used)
But for free version there is always some flaw . For example : If antivirus is good at its protection then there you wont get the features of gaming mode and ,high use of CPU and ultimately loss in computer performances.
Since you are using avast I'd love to say these things:
1. Avast Free Antivirus : Installation process was ridiculously fast .Its first time full scan took about 25 minutes.Whenever I accidentally go through malicious websites it has blocked them.I have no virus problem in my pc when I used avast and my computer performance was not that affected.But when I tried to download legitimate softwares like Torch Browser , it has blocked from downloading the file.But if you intentionally allow the threat and install them then some threats may remain in your computer.It may also miss some threats but thanks to its behavior shield and updates the no of threats it misses are very less.

And if you prefer to use AVG or Avira or Bitdfender free edition there are some flaws:
1.AVG will take lot of time to install and is heavy on your system.....So I don't use it.
2. Avira detects lots of threat and can compete with paid software in threat detection but it doesn't have good UI and scan time takes horribly a lots of can have visit and go for shopping and return to find still the incomplete scan.Not only this after each threat detection it scans your system for virus which is very annoying and during scan it uses lots of memory.So if you don't want any flaw in performance and disturvance while working on your computer ...don't use it
3. Bitdefender free edition can't be trusted since it has not been updated from long bye ..
So.....avast is a good freeware antivirus and if you are using it and not going through dangerous websites and non legitimate softwares most of the time or everytime .......go for it and forget other things .
Hope it will be helpful to you.

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