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Weight lose and ways to help motivate myself to go through with it Reward $3
Created by Shelf_1981, 781 days ago, 959 views

Easiest way to lose weight....but more importantly what are some good or creative ideas that will help me see it through to my desired weight stay there? i swear i need to hire a drill sergeant
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verden781 days ago

Get the book "The 8 Hour Diet" by the former editor of Men's Health Magazine. (He makes it extremely simple!) OR...just search the web for information on "Intermittent Fasting." The concept is as simple as skipping one meal a day. (Such as skipping breakfast) Yeah, I know that sounds just wrong, but check the medical data that has been collected in the past several years. No other changes are necessary! The process is astounding and exceptionally simple. You don't even feel like you are trying to lose weight, plus you will be getting healthier in many other ways as well. It is MUCH easier than it sounds! There have been hundreds of reputable studies done that show massive health benefits.

KEY: If you spend a FEW MINUTES READING something about it EVERY DAY, you'll be able to easily follow it for that day. One day at a time, and you'll be amazed at how little will-power is needed. You can even stop looking for that drill sergeant because you won't need him (or her!)

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brendaniel781 days ago

What @jensendan007 said is so true, I don't believe in too much exercise to lose wieght, your normal daily activities is already an exercise, except your doctor tells you to do more, like what he wrote up there about diet, you only need to change your eating pattern/diet, it's also gonna make you healthier, when I see folks who do lots of exercise to lose weight and still eat like elephants, I begin to wonder if they really wanna lose weight.
The main thing is diet.....

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vickyph84781 days ago

yes change the way you eat, eat more heathly avoid sugar and startches and workout daily. after i had my baby i went on the hcg diet and lost 22 lbs in 45 days. i want to lose 40lbs

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Aravi781 days ago

Hi @Shelf_1981

This is what I did when I was 17 years to reduce my fat:-

1) At knight, I switched to calorie diets like vegetable and fruits. I avoided all the carbs and oily diets.

2) I switched the oil to coconut oil / olive oil.

3) I avoided sweets and other junk foods.

4) Regular morning moderate exercise for 30 mins. I tried musicale building, but not like a body builder, but to a small level that can help me burn more calories.

5) I used artificial sweetener in tea and coffee.

In starting, I know it will be very difficult to reduce food and try to improve your stamina to burn more fats. It is also time consuming process. But when you start doing this times, you will fell the changes yourself.

For last 10 years my weight is maintained at 75 KG as per my height. It is a permanent solution, I have lost 15 Kgs within 9 months and maintained weight for last 10 years.

** Regress and blind diet may led to other complication. Weight reducing steroids will led to medical complication in future. It will make you more fat then in present after a short time period(after discontinuing diet or steroids ).


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mikhail092781 days ago

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