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A little question about humans and machines Reward $2
Created by Meow, 1637 days ago, 1518 views

If you had to choose, who will judge you (others), would you prefer a person or a machine? Why?
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socialdougal1637 days ago

A machine. Because a machine would not be swayed by emotion, political preference, religious zeal, or other often-irrelevant factors that affect human judgment.

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Chris_is_Praise1637 days ago

This is, not a confusing question, but a difficult to be answered question. I would choose human because they are the same as us. A certain person can be good enough to judge people, they can forgive each other and give another chance. The cons is that humans, us, are too easy to be controlled by emotions, leading to what I call, false-positive accusations. If I choose machines, my reasons would be because machines are much more accurate than humans. They can check our pulses, heartbeat, our shakeness, our nervousness, and much more that regular humans can't even find out. But machines are pretty easy to malfunction (it depends on something related to it). For example, we are not guilty about something, but we are nervous or something like that, that makes us afraid or embarrassed, and the machine says we are guilty, regarding our conditions.

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Aravi1636 days ago

Hi @Meow

It depends on for what you want to choose.

A machines: when you just need to do thing that works pre-programmed. Any dangerous stuff like bomb defusing or studding hostel environment. Today's robot comes with enough artificial intelligence that can do your stuffs like cooking, etc.

A human: you have to employee some natural human intelligence, where artificial intelligence fails. Like fighter plain pilot, doctor etc.

But what ever artificial intelligence you apply in your life style, you will require some amount of human intelligence to ensure things work correctly.


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pustoi111635 days ago

Of course, a proper solution from the point of view of the law, choose the machine. a machine has no emotions, she can not sleep, and thus worse to think or make decisions depending on the mood. the human factor is present in everything that concerns people. but an objective evaluation, very, important in decision-making, particularly regarding the fate of people. Another important factor concerns the intellect judges, stupid judge will take a foolish decision. defendants are always interested in who will judge them, and it speaks for itself. the machines are no prejudices, no emotions, so it is able to take, more correct decisions.
peace you!

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Alirio1635 days ago

I´m surprised from this little question, some people says a machine could judge you!
Concepts like ethics, axiology, value theory do not exist in a machine. A machine cannot reason a value judgment. Quite the opposite, a fact–value distinction is where machines will always be better than humans, but this is not enough to make a full judgment. So, I prefer a person to judge me.

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verden1632 days ago

If I were choosing whether to judged by a human or a machine, I would choose the human. The machine may be less likely to make mistakes, but the machine is also incapable of showing compassion. As humans, we all make mistakes, and the understanding of another human would be more likely to allow us the opportunity to change course after we've made a bad decision. If we had to forgo compassion, our judgments would nearly always be too harsh for us to really recover from even after we've changed directions. Many times our mistakes are simply learning opportunities which a human would understand. A machine (in judgment) would not, resulting in a situation where even though we've learned, we couldn't really progress after learning because the price of our mistake may be too high without the application of compassion.

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5thPersonToTalk1632 days ago

Machines Don't have Emotions and can't look at you face to face, while a human could feel what you could be going through if they had the same experience you had before, and can tell if your troubled, hurt, moved, etc.. by looking into your eyes or how their body reacts. So I guess humans would be the one that you should want to be more judged by, rather then robots unless robots can have things humans do...

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hiflyer1627 days ago

To answer this, you'd have to provide the wisest person in the world alongside the most advanced computer (Robot). What it comes down to is all the Robot can do is regurgitate what it's circuits have been programmed with. All of their decisions would be based on what and how the software it's running meshes together and even then it depends what information people programmed into it.
So either way you're being judged by people. The man, or woman, have lived and experienced life, the robot has not. There is no such thing as a robot absorbing every nuance in life from a child to a middle aged and wise man or woman, so the question is redundant. Robots never will be able to judge you in anything resembling an accurate way.

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serezha1626 days ago

Hi! Machine, because it does not have prejudice, it can't rely on gossip and superstition.

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nuklin1624 days ago

By both, let the humans observe and input values while the machine should analyze the values!!!

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alienflyer1624 days ago

Neither . . Screw 'em both. . . Nobody makes me feel worse or better about myself than me. Reward or Sentence, hmmm, I leave that up to my cats . .;)

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hageuy1620 days ago

I think i will choose human. Maybe machine can be programmed to be fair enough in judge something but they dont have an emotion ang feeling. And machine also can made a mistake if the program got error. That's make human is more humanism than machine.

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luky881619 days ago

neither , no man can, a machine that's just plain stupid
Only God judges and through his comandements Man does.

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