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How do you say wash, and why? Reward $215
Created by alienflyer, 609 days ago, 1171 views

I mean really . .rash,cash,dash,mash and warsh . . .right? Were we skooled in school?

I shall edit my dictionary to wa(r)sh . . . ;)
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aniawa597 days ago

I am not a native speaker of English. In fact, English is my 3rd language to learn. I started learning it in the 1st grade. So here goes. I say "warsh" due to my mother tongue influence. We have no "aa" sound in my native language. Having said that, "warsh" is in my English dictionary. Would you believe I had to write it in?

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vickyph84609 days ago

i say wash, any other way is just a country way to say it.

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alienflyer609 days ago

wash like cash? or waush like Washington D.C.?

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Aravi608 days ago

Hi @alienflyer

I think I sometime says wash as waash. This is due to my mother tongue influence.


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Pamela598 days ago

Waush like Washington.

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voineaadi597 days ago

Here you go, friend:

You have two buttons there that allow you to listen to the pronounciation, both in British and American English.
Have fun!


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starparticle597 days ago

I say wash as in 'Posh"!

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capybara596 days ago

Try this..WAH/SH.

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nuklin596 days ago

Now I get!!!

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mah596 days ago

this that how you pronounce wash back to you that how you learn english , what is your mother tongue , what kind of intonation english you learn(american , british) etc. and all of this pronounce can be true and you should select your standard

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