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Why do i have to keep restarting router? Reward $2
Created by scipio, 1499 days ago, 1649 views

I need to keep restarting it, otherwise it will not work.
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Aravi1499 days ago

Hi @scipio

Not only routers but also any digital device need to be restarted to work properly after long time of usage. This is because of device heat that is produced and retained. It is known as electronic heat radiation. I too restart the router once a week or if it hangs.

If the problem is too frequent follow the below article to solve the problem:


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ha141499 days ago

Well if you are restarting it frequently like every day, every week, then maybe there is a problem, hardware or firmware.

Why Do I Have to Keep Resetting My Router, and How Can I Fix It?

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Believer0661499 days ago

Check the gas tank for water and dirt.

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cactusles1497 days ago

because it shuts down! @scipio

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Fizzz1497 days ago

You try to get a new router, to see if it is the hardware that's the problem, and if that doesn't help, then change your internet provider

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wim1497 days ago

Check out each item:

Wireless Interference

Wireless networks are awesome, but the electromagnetic waves they rely on are more prone to interference than wired networks. Any device that emits a wireless signal can interfere with your connection. Common offenders include cordless phones, wireless speakers, microwaves, and Blu-Ray players.
How to test

Connect to your network through ethernet. (You know - the cable)

Test for wireless interference by plugging in an ethernet cord.
What to look for

If the problem goes away after connecting through ethernet, there's a good chance something is interfering with your wireless.
How to solve

Avoid wireless networks when you can't afford disruptions (i.e. keep your computer plugged into ethernet).
Reconnect to wireless and turn off devices that might be causing interference. Track whether anything changes after a device is powered down.
Change the router's WiFi Channel and see how performance is effected.

Bad Hardware

It's possible for cords, modems, routers, and other network ingredients to fail and negatively affect network performance.
How to test

Systematically replace different network components. If you don't have extra hardware lying around, you probably have a friend who would love to loan you something to aid your effort.

Test for bad hardware by swapping out network components and checking performance.
What to look for

If network performance gets better after you swap out a component, chances are whatever you replaced was broken.
How to solve

Replace the broken or poorly performing component.
Update software if you're dealing with a router or modem.

Bandwidth Saturation

Every network has a capacity. It's called bandwidth. When network usage exceeds available bandwidth, performance gets worse.
How to test

Experiment with different levels of network activity and see when the network gets worse.

Alleviate bandwidth saturation by disconnecting idle devices.
What to look for

Try to define network usage thresholds. For example, you can play a game on your computer and stream video on your Roku at the same time, but when a large file download is added to the mix the game lags, the video buffers, and the download is slow.
How to solve

Limit bandwidth usage
Buy more bandwidth

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