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Why people like hacking? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 758 days ago, 1141 views

It is very strange to know that "people who are not even from science background showing great interest to learn hacking". It is very strange.

If you have grace to be a hacker then may I know why?
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zrodfects757 days ago

Some hack purely for fun and to feel Superior of the thrill of getting someones information... I learnt hacking from the old retro computer days from cracking software and accounts etc but I was just an early teen, until I became more mature and realized how I was disrespecting peoples privacy, but I only rarely use this knowledge today, I only use this knowledge to protect my kids, my eldest daughter gets annoying people sometimes on instagram etc mainly due to pervs etc, but since we follow each other I can keep a close eye on her traffic, if there is someone who is acting in a way that disrespects my daughter or any other matter (within reason) I will get in to their account and close it, quicker than they can say "my account is no longer active wtf"

But this is the only reason now, it also something I do not share how to do with others, as in the wrong hands can be a useful tool to get and to cause problems, and I don't want to be a part of that so like I said I only hack to protect my kids only, again this is only on rare occasions.

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yanka457757 days ago

People who want to be a hacker really are deranged and unhappy with their lives and they enjoy seeing others suffer and they like to try to corrupt people's lives cos their life is not going their way...Also they may want to hack some money too..theres many different kind of hackers. but think about this Do you really think a person would be trying to hack people if they were Happy and rich(have plenty of$$)? Well plain and simple thats why if they had great friends to live their life with and everything going their way and if money wasnt a problem then that person would not be hacking and would have no need for it

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Dreadart757 days ago

You don't need to be from a scientific background to be interested in hacking. I am an IT background and I have nephews for example who ask me to hack into this email account or that facebook profile. Their interest is mainly having access to information which they cannot access.

There is no hacker profession. For example, in networking you gain knowledge of how to understand, maintain and secure networks (obviously). Once you gain this knowledge, it is easy to "hack" a network when you explore flaws in their security. Many of my customers were gained through me showing them how easy is to access their files from my tablet even without entering their building.

A concrete answer for your question would be thirst of out of reach knowledge.

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WhitePhoenix757 days ago

I learned hacking due to security reasons now i help to secure networks around me.

@yanka457 It's not like anyone would be statisfied with the things they have but that doesnt mean there use skills they aquire for there own benefit.

Just because you can hack doesnt mean you crack.

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Aravi757 days ago

Hi @zrodfects
Are you a black hat or gray hat or white hat?

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zrodfects757 days ago


I would say more of a white hat, since I work with iOS and PC gaming and app testing I can also pin point coding errors

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gegefit755 days ago

porque hacks, são uma maneira de você adaptar coisas de formas diferentes ou seja modifica algo para um mesmo propósito mais de uma forma diferente da convencional do senso comum, Ex: uma pessoa que um anti-vírus e não tem grana para consegui a licença ai ela hack-eia a sistema, nada que é produzido de um homem é 100% seguro, pessoas erram e o hack aproveita deste erro !!

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