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How to start a conversation with a stranger? Reward $3
Created by walker16, 1462 days ago, 1779 views

How to start a conversation with a stranger?
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voineaadi1462 days ago

My opinions and my life experience.

1.) Be genuine. That means be real, don't fake it, and just be yourself, whatever that means. Don't be afraid of blushing, or "getting it right". They are people, just like yourself.
2.) Don't use "tactics", or whatever. This goes to complete the above mentioned point, which is be genuine. Just express yourself in a real and civil manner. Most people enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, just like you do.
3.) Find something REAL in common. Don't create it, just use what is already there. If you are on a train and the person is reading and then putting the book down, say something like: "Oh, ok, cool, interesting subject What is the book about?" And then let them tell you.
4.) Let them speak. Actively listen to what they speak. That creates connection and it shows that you pay attention. It creates an instant bond.
5.) Use similar language patterns to them. If they talk loud, you can talk lod, if they are a quiet person, you can be more quiet type around them, basically get that common ground going by being more similar to them. We all like people who are similar to ourselves, or like us.
6.) And this one is a must: HAVE FUN!

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WhitePhoenix1462 days ago

It depends:

1 If you want to talk about a specific topic you can start "Excuse me do you know something about....?"

2. If you just want to get to now him try the normal topics like the weather etc. for example "today is quite cold isn't it"

it depends on other reasons too your mood,the mood of the stranger ,the enviroment.

I know it's old but JUST BE YOURSELF

PS: try to invade a ongoing conversation if you have something to say about the topic they talk about.

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Aravi1462 days ago

Hi @walker16
To become a friend : "Hi have we meet before !!!".

Just try to meet 3 times and start to will them from next day. With in few days possible can make friendly environment.

To just chit chat: "O what a weather .................. . I wonder ............. "

" Hay It a nice .......... from where you bought .................."

Any ongoing hot conversation.

But this is all play of judgement of mode and type of nature of the stranger. If you pitch at write time you can achieve what you want.


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diyaryilmaz071462 days ago

sanal ortamdan uzak yüz yüze tanışmak isterim ve boylece daha iyi tanırım

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pustoi111461 days ago

I do not see the problem. You also know how to talk? ask something, if do not answer ... so what? land has come out of orbit? in any case, talk with strangers is necessary, otherwise, as you will have new familiar? if a person does not want to talk to you, do not insist, there are a lot of other people. you, so do not learn anything if you do not ask.

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Meow1460 days ago

Be sneaky! Identify the condition of the object and think what she/he might be interested in that moment(interested in talking not doing!). Then you start the flow of the conversation, softly with no pushing forward too much (you can feel how you should be doing it, some people like personal zone interventions)
And then its all about your purview and correcting that flow. Once its engaged you remove that useless post from ur head and enjoy.
There would be no thing like conversation if you could just use the instruction to do that! Everyone has his own cockroaches and that is awesome part.

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verden1460 days ago

Above all, be yourself. (How can you be anyone else?)

Simply approach them as if they were NOT a stranger. Not super-friendly as if they are your best friend, just casually chat with them the same way you would if you already knew them. After all, once you start talking, you will! Just try it and see how easy it is once you get that first word out of your mouth and turn on your ears, showing the same genuine interest you would if you were already their friend. Because you really are, aren't you?

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olja2255881460 days ago

Start from simple "Hello" and if you have any questions - go ahead. Stranger won't eat you for it. Just be brave and don't worry about anything. :D
Good luck!

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Ojo_Meshack1460 days ago

To start a conversation with a stranger, you have to try as much as possible to be polite so he/she doesn't think of you as a rude person.
firstly, you can start by trying to know the person's name, after which an interesting topic can proceed the discussion.
I believe a good topic to chat is one which concerns personal details; that is, trying to know more about yourself. So, the next time you meet, you won't be strangers to each other anymore because you know much about yourselves now. -Ojo Meshack

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mikhail0921460 days ago

будь вежлив и доброжелателен

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casingda1459 days ago

Hi. I am an inveterate conversation starter. I can start a conversation with any stranger.

The first thing is to notice something special or unique about the person; something you like about them or their appearance, or something that catches your eye. It may be something they are wearing. Something they are doing. But it needs to be genuine. They will know if you are being a phony. Or it may be something they are reading or doing on their laptop. Again, show a genuine interest in it. And it also helps if you have some basic knowledge about the subject. I am very well-read and thus can start countless conversations based on what I observe people doing, or on something they are wearing, or on something about the person's appearance, even something as personal as a type of scar they may have. The bottom line is that you are showing an interest in the person, asking questions about them, showing a genuine curiosity and a desire to know that is not intrusive and that shows you want to know more about them. This works really well. And if it is real, as it is for me, because I am genuinely interested in learning more and in getting to know people, and I'm a friendly person, people know, and they will easily respond to it and open up to and talk to you.

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cactusles1459 days ago

Guaranteed way is to kick his dog! @walker16

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javyis11459 days ago

Say, "Hello."

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Headly1458 days ago

People love to talk about themselves. When meeting for the first time, make a positive statement about something they are wearing or doing (perhaps playing an instrument) (ie: ..."you play that very well, how long have you been studying?")

After that make eye contact when speaking or listening to them speak. Focus on their topic and interact as best you can

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Rasofficial1456 days ago

simple... make c cute smile on your face & go infornt and say : Hi

just hold your manner and your personality .... be cute while conversation

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my_asylum1455 days ago

they're only strangers till you know their name.

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maren1455 days ago

Start traveling! Go in other country, and first person who you meet, just ask: "Sory, we don't know each other, but can we talk about..."

I give you one example, man from America Charles Cater is listen too much bad things about Serbia. And he wanted to see what is this wrong with these people and this country. There is her you tube canal. Start watching and enjoy, maybe you learn something.

This is first video, and all videos, 629 and numbers up...
Just be jourself, honest, and speak with anybody.

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Still_deciding1454 days ago

Sorry you were saying.....?

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