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Girl just commited suicide, what make people commit suicide? Reward $4
Created by selcinor, 1462 days ago, 1874 views

People kills themselves without any reasonable reason what might have be the cause for committing suicide?
Please let the answer natural from your own idea, not copy and paste, share from your own experience
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loralora1462 days ago


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brendaniel1462 days ago

@selcinor Basically its depression , however there are so many causes of depression, ranging from, abuse, alcoholism, rape, betrayal, loss of property, loss of a loved one or family member and so on.

The point is, once the mind cannot gain control over a situation or circumstance, depression sets in, the human body is designed not stay long in a depressed state, because it as actually underworking some parts of the body and overworking some other parts like the brain, in this case could lead to abnormal functioning of some body parts which could later lead to fatal sickness or disease such as mental disorder, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, loss of appetite and so on.

At the state of depression, there are 3 major options most people get to make decision from
1. To get a cure or relief out of depression, which could be done, medically, emotionally, religiously, spiritually and so on.

2. To hang on in that state of depression, sometimes with the effect of depression, like alcoholism, high blood pressure and so on, it could take days, weeks, months, years or even a lifetime, till the mind is now able to overcome the incident or situation, it's like a wound that heals naturally....
Note: with this type of decision, not everyone gets lucky to heal completely, some never do, some even die in the course through the cause of depression like high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and so on....

3. The escape route is a situation where the person is looking for a quick way out of the depressed situation, and the only option most people in this category use is to take their lives, they feel if they do that, then they will be at peace, they don't want to go through the pains of feeling depressed, most times they will drop a note explaining why they did so.

That's the major reason people commit suicide...

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yanka4571462 days ago

People Commit Suicide because they are unahappy with theirselves or they think their life is all feeled with negativity. Sometimes people are more sensitive and emotional than others one simple insult or critizing comment may be enough to take them to the edge not everyone is strong. Also some people get teased alot and they cant take it anymore so they rather not live. Also a tragic event can lead someone to contemplate suicide for example The singer Vivian Green which is a beautiful r&b singer she was about to have her son and the doctors said that he will be born with a major defect or disease. When he was born he really did have that rare disease that left him looking deformed and a little slow or he may die real young. She was very stressed out because that was her own son that had a rare disease that would forever effect her...she felt like she didnt want to be on this earth anymore. It was a horrible obstacle she had to overcome. But soon she got over this unfortunate situation and She said this made her stronger. She is now an advocate for disabled children. So overall someone may commit suicide because they are stressed/depressed,teased, or because a tragic event brought them so much trauma that they cant take it anymore. But alot of these suicides could be prevented if they have gotten the help that they needed.

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Aravi1462 days ago

Hi @selcinor

It is due to depression that causes feeling of not worthy to live further. The reason for the depression could be because of various means, like from financial to death of a child or from failed in exam to sexual problems.

Gender differences in suicide is very important factory that decides the motivation for suicide. As per the studies in women more then in male. Because they are more sensitive in nature.

Kindly find the below report:-


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Abhinav007891462 days ago

it's because of that they think it's easy to die than having daily routine problems like being in relationship , paying taxes and bills etc

they don't have any main objective or an inspiration to motivate them to "EORK HARD AND LIVE LIFE "

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biaka1462 days ago

всё гораздо проще всех философских выдумок, человек покончивший с собой узнал, то что на уровне подсознания известно каждому из нас, и что бы совершить самоубийство нужно быть очень смелым человеком , что бы узнать, а что там за порогом того , чего страшится каждый из нас.

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igor1462 days ago

Alcohol, drugs and a sick mentality.

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nuklin1461 days ago

People commit suicide because:

1. They don't share their problems with others.

Lesson: learn to share your problems and challenges in life with the right people that you trust who are knowledgeable in that area and who are mature enough to keep your secrets and notuse them against you. Don't seek advice from the wrong people. Make sure you do a proper assessment of your so called "mentors" to know if they have the right attributes before approaching them otherwise, don't sell yourself out.

2. They hold on too much and for too long to their ugly past, and some day they feel it's too much for them to carry and they just give up.

Lesson: Don't take life too seriously because there's no crime or embarrassment that you are going through that no one has ever gone through in life. Concentrate on your strengths and opportunities and forget entirely the past since everyone has a past and in most cases, those who learn from their pasts become icons because they get exceptionally better over time.

3. They get involved in some spiritual entanglements with the notion that if they attempt to leave, they will be killed.

Lesson: You were created by GOD not the devil. Believe in the true GOD and come out of whatever family you may have carelessly joined through the help of Christian ministers and you will be free.

4. They don't plan their life, so anything goes for them leading to lack, frustration, and depression.

Lesson: Don't be careless with your life because life is delicate, it's not about how spiritually inclined or how close you are to GOD for GOD has not created us to be foolish. Plan how you spend your resources; avoid women, drink, and fun if you have to, so you can save for your rent, studies and unforeseen contingencies.

5. They have spells cast against them.

Lesson: Run to GOD, visit the Chapel often and pray for at least seven days consecutively and make an offering for your answered prayers.

6. Are usually too serious with their relationships.

Lesson: No breakup is worth your life. In the first place, you had your life before they got in. So be sure to move on in at most, two days because there is always a better partner out there. It just keeps getting better because you are a great person not them, so move on, no matter how wonderful they were to you but if you think you are the cause then ask for forgiveness and apologize. Don't bear a grudge, make sure you call whenever you feel like, don't suppress the feeling of wanting to hear from them. You would see that gradually, you'd get settled and happy again.

7. They get raped and or sexually harassed or defiled.

Lesson: There is a reason GOD allowed it. Not everyone is as enlightened as you, not everyone worships the true GOD. Visit GOD often and pray for supernatural enlightenment and also visit a psychologist, physiotherapist, but don't take your life. Every disease is curable with GOD. Just believe in HIM.
Suicide should be avoided by all means. There is absolutely no reason for that.

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Baxrymka1461 days ago

I am not sure, but may be, they are weak.
Anything can happen - and you must go through it.

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Yuri1461 days ago

  Kills himself frustrated in his way of life. But if they just turned to Jesus Christ, then this would not have happened

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nihal291460 days ago

frustrated people commit suicide . because of lack of decision making make them commit suicide.

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pustoi111459 days ago

the whole thing in our brain. I will not go into details, but only decreases the level of happiness hormones (serotonin and others). and, no, clearly, depending on the circumstances. there hormone levels, depending on the number you are looking at the exact same situation either optimistic or vice versa. you can not survive even a simple situation, as the level of happiness hormone, extremely, low. you can call it karma and destiny. In short, a high level of serotonin, gives you confidence that everything will be fine, the lack of pushes you in the loop. therefore, most medications for depression, based on the increase of happiness hormones. I would suggest, to engage in self-knowledge. we ourselves make ourselves happy or unhappy. for many people is a good way religion, many go to the psychologist. try, no matter how trivial it seemed, meditation. it's not easy, but if you succeed, you will be able to go through life's difficulties, faced by all, without the help of outsiders and with the least damage to the psyche. Another facet of suicide, it is stupidity (teen suicide), unformed minds, do not realize the seriousness of this step.

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kemal211459 days ago

çok güzel bir foto izlenmeye değer. ayrıca maymunları çok severim

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zrodfects1459 days ago

I can kinda relate as my Brother a couple of year ago who I was very close with was faced with many life issues that forced him to take the easy way out so to speak, yes, depression was for sure a factor but depression is not an illness by any stretch no matter what people say, it is something that builds up from multiple issues that you face in life when obstacles upon obstacles appear more than getting over the current ones, to a point where if I keep going and not reach our for help as most people don't like to do as they feel a burdened so they choose a path which they think clears the slate that they believe will have nothing more to worry about.

This also doesn't not make them a bad person, I did see what my Brother went through from divorce to financial problems not being able to see his kids to countless other issues I will not get in to, though seeing all this I can see why he did this but at the same time like any other person on earth see he did also have a choice and wouldn't wish this upon anyone the actual path he chose, but you just don't know if or when someone would take this step as obviously no one will randomly bring it up.

My Brother did hide his true emotions very well as we hung out daily, there is never anything out of the ordinary, especially when you laugh and chatting the day before and the news you hear you can't help think it did not happen, though a few years have passed I still don't believe it but it is something I will always feel..

So again I don't care what people say if they think that this is an illness, this is far from it, it is just dealing with so many things at once, even as much as drug dealing, some just find it hard to reach out for help for reasons no one can honestly understand without being in their shoes, this could be from embarrassment, people wanting to ask you are you ok, 24/7 as if now your being watched or people may judge you or various trust issues and millions more reasons...

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cfitch19691459 days ago

Its a difficult question but yet not because Depression is at the root of it. The problem is that Depression is a disease of its own, can be a symptom of a disease or injury, or could be a temporary very low moment based on a situation a suicidal individual is not coping with rationally. From the Depression standpoint, I think suicidal individuals just don't see that their situation is ever going to change and ultimately draw the unfortunate conclusion that death is the only option.

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gui28291458 days ago


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Meow1458 days ago
If you need my opinion - every new personality has his own trigger's for that. Avoiding being alive looks like "a way" especially for young people. It can be a lot of little stuff like Superior microaggression at existence crysis period. Wrong reasoning. Lack of reasoning. Less smart ones can kill themselves for the glory of comfortable life. Other people overrate the reactions in their body and commit suicide for love, idol, favorite kitten, religion, or because water flows wrong way. It... depends...
And ya i think Women is more likely to torture her brain to the death

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Shelf_19811458 days ago

There is absolutely no way to know exactly why someone commits suicide and it's never 1 single thing, yea they were depressed that's obvious, but we all have things that make us depressed and we are all not offing ourselves...there's just no way of knowing exactly what makes people go through with it and 2we sadly never will...i just know that it sucks

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mikhail0921458 days ago

это одержимость

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gegefit1457 days ago

As vezes por elas acharem que esta tudo perdido e não ter mais ciência da realidade e buscam no suicídio acabar com este sofrimento, fugindo da sua própria sombra, mais chega uma hora que ela ser cansa, ao Ives de luta e superar a mente delas ficam fracas e perdidas levando-as comente o suicídio.

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my_asylum1448 days ago

People say only cowards and chicken shits commit suicide .......I don't know about the rest of you but have you ever had a close call that really rattled you? left you shaking for a minute? well people who commit suicide have to have a lot of guts to stick a gun in their mouth or hang or whatever...........cause once its done you cant undo it.
but back to your topic: I think people commit suicide because they feel death is a better alternative to the life they have?

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pherretaus1448 days ago

Something happens and a person is suddenly alone faced with a path to resolution or death. Death tends to triumph as resolution is too complex and attempts put pressure on the mind which in this state of utter confusion explodes like an overinflated balloon. There are many ways to reconnect with others when we become lost in loneliness. We can falter in these because we care, so perhaps the place to start is to step out of the head's fear and back into reality, where those connections can be made. Basically the need for communication is paramount in resolving contemplation of the ulitmate - DEATH.

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D_I_M_A_N581448 days ago

Ситуаций доводящих до самоубийства человека может быть много!это не столь важно!главное в нужный момент рядом неоказалось близкого человека!нужно быть внимательней друг к другу и все у человечества будет впорядке!!!

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hiflyer1447 days ago

People commit suicide when misery infects every waking moment of their lives and are convinced that tomorrow will just bring more of the same or worse. They come to the conclusion that they are beyond help, and though they know there are treatments available for depression they don't believe these treatments can benefit them. They may have even reached out for help in the past and found what they tried to be a failure, further convincing them all of the remedies they know of would just turn out the same. Everything they do, even bathing, becomes an effort they just cannot summon the will power to complete. When people try to talk to them about it, they may nod, and seem to understand, but underneath they just want the conversation over with because you are not them, and you may mean well, but how can you possibly know the weight of sadness affecting every facet of your life, and the negative attitude which saturates your outlook on everything they're saying. This is what true depression feels like and I hope to God you never have to experience it yourself.
I've been diagnosed with both chronic and situational depression, and for years I self-medicated with booze and drugs. I quit drinking about fifteen years ago, without any physical dependence or withdrawal problems, and the same with smoking grass. I'll never be cured but after some hellish prescription concoctions I finally found a combination of anti-depression and sedatives which prevent me from diving lower, but also prevent my feeling a whole lot happier either. This is what I'm sticking with because I am intimately acquainted with how much lower I can go. So I do know why someone might find the solution of suicide appealing. I believe in God, and yet I have no answer to the age old question "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
I've learned to live with this situation and if things improve in my life then I'll try decreasing my medication. What I can tell you is suicide isn't the answer, suicide is the failure. My situation isn't ideal by anybody's standards, but I've been down a lot lower than this and I can tell you this - keep trying. If you feel like things couldn't get any worse for you then you're at a level where things, however small the increment, by definition can only improve. Suicide is not the answer it's the end of you as a person and if you consider dead being better, then recognize that there are other options to consider that might be better too. Maybe not easier, but not final either. And face it, if suicide is an option there must be other options too, ones you haven't thought of because you're so down your focus is jaded, and you need to widen that focus, and I'm not going to preach to you, but Jesus is one good place to start. Please don't waste your life, I'm begging you to hang on, it's not like you think you've anything better to do, and anything is better than nothing, and suicide is not an option you can ever change your mind on. So if you think it's an option, get it into your head it's absolutely the wrong one! I send my love and prayer.

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ChessKing1446 days ago

Знаю случаи когда от самоубийства человека спасли но он умер скоро от сердечной недостаточности.Значит надо было с ним быть постоянно,нагружать позитивом.

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SISTER_J0J01446 days ago

Extreme depression. A sense of hopelessness when breathing seems useless or a chore. The person feels like they are wasting space. I have been there and attempted that twice, but never again. that is how I felt then.
never again
I am a mother and grandmother and I could never do that. Because... it tells everyone you love its okay.
Its not okay..

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alienflyer1446 days ago

Why? This World! . .kinda sucks sometimes and even worse other times. Yea life has its ups, but more downs as far as mine has been. The world as a whole is screwed and war, corrupt politics, drug pushing big pharma and simply the elite that keeps us to the ground don't help. I have been unsuccessful so far at suicide, but the day is young. I don't wish it for anyone ever, but I totally get it. Peace, Michael

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Yunuel901445 days ago

Severe depression is always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escape from it is hopeless. The pain of existence often becomes too much for severely depressed people to bea

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Finn1445 days ago

subconscious who want fun and happiness, so as to commit suicide, they must have a privacy reasons, certain ulterior causes men to think negatively.
so to solve it you have to find the reason for the hope of help to that person

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Pravy1443 days ago

Just as somebody else shoe might not fit you in the same way someone else's reason for committing suicide might be unreasonable to you. For one to end one's own life is a very personal decision and the factor's for it are related to that person only.I say this because i had been through the same. I had suicidal tendencies and my reason were very personal to me and no matter whom i tried talking to about it always resulted in i getting joked at.

You cannot find a reason for it.The only thing you can do is be there for someone who needs a shoulder to lean on.

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luky881440 days ago

no purpose
too much pain
no belief in God

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mask1439 days ago

Guess the signal in anyone's mind/brain before proceeding looking at the signal appears to be. Communication and social appearance with confidence will make you away from that loneliness. Time has all solutions of life and even the hardest rocks crash in the persistent flow of river. Believe in internal powers and walk on your own dreams. Nature really closes a door which had never meant for you but more than just that. If something is deserved in your life by nature, none can fetch it from you. Learn to wait and cross situations you have fear. Consider the greatest possible negative result and if it really matters to you. Everything has options and death too.

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farhanaan1439 days ago

heartbreak, her boyfriend of cheating, and can also be no major problems in the household

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Alehiko1438 days ago

People commit suicide because they are poor

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marko11438 days ago

Unfortunately I have had the experience of living through my older sisters suicide in which she left one son and also an older brothers suicide which left three more kids fatherless.

And this is what I know.

They both were in horrendous pain. One from mental issues and the other from physical ailments.
The mental issues were from a life of being molested and used by child pornographers which led to drugs and her end in suicide, the physical was a cut nerve in the neck by an anaesthesiologist. These were the last three words on his letter.
Pain. Pain. Pain.

Pain. That is why we get to the point of suicide. Bottom-line. Pain.

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crossedeye20031438 days ago

People commit suicide because they are too wimpy to deal with life

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udinspenda1428 days ago

too many reason, but basically they are too tired to go through life, unable to think positive, and do not believe that God is always destine good for them

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starparticle1423 days ago

when, even if surrounded by family, you still feel absolutely alone.

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